Not another one…

No I am not going to start off this post with a \”I\’m back…well maybe\” or something to that effect. I was tempted to upgrade the blog (though i do not know how frequently i will do so) by someone whom im have known of for a while…but getting to know that person more these days i guess. To quote her \”chance meetings\” leading to interesting discussions.

Its been a while since someone has asked my blog URL despite the fact that I did tell in advance that my blog is dormant.

So i know you will read this, and this goes out to you….a new beginning maybe…now that I have time to think more, read more, rant maybe…. I do not know what I will do next…where the ball ends up landing, red, black, odd, even…what i shall make….what i shall lose. But i now know i am free….for how long though, that is yet to be discovered.

one of my biggest problems is being free…..i just cant remain idle….and while i was looking forward to moving on….the fact that i dont know what i will do now…is a bigger shock that is going to hit me….and after 2 days of nothingness….ill be begging for something to do…hint to all of you out there….

till i see you again…have a wonderful time all around.






2 responses to “Not another one…”

  1. Ghalia Avatar

    Truly, it is the chance meetings that lead to spontaneous and unrestrained conversation.
    The very best company, makes you feel free, and powerful, re affirming your waning faith in your own intellect! Welcome back to blogging!

  2. razia Avatar

    Wow Great……