One step too far…

There are times in our lives when we see the sudden divide between dreams and reality, between hope and certainity, between our dreams and our realities.

When this so called shift happens, we undergo a seperation between our concious and subconcious selves, its like a person, with a single mind and body, yet split into two spirits. Fact is, you can split everthing else but the spirit. But who gives a fuck about facts. My world, my views, my way. I dont care if you agree or not.

You tend to undergo certain introspective moments, times that we want to be alone to ourselves and away from everyone and everything as we know. Times you wish the world would bloody well stop spinning, that the wind froze, that time stopped passing by, that things remained static, till you saw yourself come back.

And then, when the dust settles, you see whats left, where you are, where you should be, and then you realize, that in all the time that has passed, that in all that time, you have been waiting, silently waiting. You realize that you are close, yet far. Sometimes too close, yet very far at the same time and when everythings seems perfectly normal, serene, calm and cool, you are always, always, one step too far.






2 responses to “One step too far…”

  1. JonyBr Avatar

    Hey dude, whats wrong? r u ok?

  2. Indecisive Realist Avatar

    I just cannot help agreeing with you there. Your post says exactly whats on mind right now.