The 25 tag…

Here are the 25 things about me. Some may be funny, some silly, some boring, but its just me.

Tag 25 ppl if you chose to do this. Oh and if you have been tagged, you have to do it. If you are a random reader, doing this tag is optional.

1) I believe I am a dreamer, yet most people believe I am immensely practical.

2) I cant write. I mean I cant hold a pen/pencil in my hands and do anything. If I do manage to, I most probably wont be able to read my own handwriting later. BUT, I like fixing things, no matter how small they are, so I do have control over the muscles in my fingers.

3) I don\’t dream. I just don\’t. Or maybe I just NEVER remember them, unless they are something weird.

4) I have premonitions. But I only recall them while the incident is occurring. There is nothing I can do to stop it. I have no idea what triggers them.

5) I love photography. Yet I have ditched the camera and barely take pictures anymore. I want to have more time to pursue this hobby.

6) I love travelling. Im mad about it! If you are good company, I don\’t mind taking a trip around the other side of the world with you.

7) I believe I stick to myself, yet im perceived as a social something. WHY THE HELL????

8) I am a food freak! And looks are surely deceiving 😛

9) I have very few friends, but the ones I have, id trust them with a gun and a blindfold.

10) I USED to be a sweet freak. No longer!

11) I cant stand diet drinks….they make my face hurt :S

12) I used to be able to write fiction. For some reason I just cant do that anymore.

13) Oh and I just cant stand cheese, except on pizza of course.

14) Although I like to think that I don\’t care about what people think about me, I have realized I really do care about what people are thinking about me and as much as I would like to deny it, I am very conscious of my surroundings in whatever situation I am. (I copied this one because I agree with it, and it was well written).

15) I think I have learnt to be tactful, maybe diplomatic…maybe enough to make people hate at times.

16) I am pathetic at maintaining contact with people. I often don\’t call my friends for 6 months/ a year maybe. Just yesterday I met a friend after 4 years.

17) My skin remains cold, mostly. No matter what the weather. Don\’t know why, but its not as if I feel cold or something.

18) I have a very strong faith in the Almighty. Infallible. I pray it stays that way.

19) Deep down inside, I think I will always remain a scientist. Not because I want to know what chemicals make what, but because I want to know things. Discover things. It only makes my faith stronger.

20) If I were free from responsibilities, id be happy living a life where I could just gather knowledge and information. That\’s all that matters to me.

21) My back hurts if I sleep more than 9 hours a day, it gets back to normal in 30 mins of being up and about. And I badly need 8 hours of sleep.  AND afternoon siestas can be murderous.

22) I hate getting my picture taken! And I hate attending weddings 😛

23) I strongly believe that knowledge and information is useless unless someone takes advantage of it. So if there is something you want to know, ask me. If I know about it, I have no issues sharing.

24) I have a crazy taste in music. Minus Indian cheap music, my tastes spread across many genres.

25) I love lightning and thunderstorms. I can spend hours in one, just looking at lightning.






3 responses to “The 25 tag…”

  1. kanwal Avatar

    I still cant get over the cheese and butter factor…but ok!

  2. Jaded Avatar

    ummmmmmmm…. where did nutella go?

  3. falsa Avatar

    You’ve evolved:)