Back to the blog….

Alright I accept, i concede and I am back to my blog.

I have been away from my blog for quite a while, mostly because I have been out of time. At times I feel like im kind of chasing time, or maybe, sometimes I am just too lazy!

So heres the story. about a couple of hours ago, I got done with recording for a show with Dawn News TV. Rabia Garib called me up a couple of days back asked if I was available on Sunday. While I initially suggested I\’ll be at a strict time frame, by this morning I had done all that was needed and made sure I had time for whatever she had in mind. I seriously had no idea that the show would be so much fun to do!

When I reached T2F, I realized I was the last one to arrive. Farrukh, Fariha Ameer Hamza and Jamash were already there. I must say though, that Mariam and Adnan from Dawn made it all really fun!

Anyhow, once we got done with all that, as I was giving a self introduction, I had to use the terms \”I used to blog….\” etc….so I realize I have to get back to blogging.

Thank you Rabia, Mariam and Adnan, for shaming me into blogging!

Oh and I have a secret treasure….accumulated while we were recording 😛 That I shall reveal later!



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3 responses to “Back to the blog….”

  1. Jehan Ara Avatar

    The blooper content that we need on Rabia for our very own Bloopers Reel? You are super!

  2. Farrukh Ahmed Avatar

    good to have you back on the roll and hopefully it won’t be one of those pushes that don’t last long…

    and ya that secret treasure!! we have to make a pool out of our individual videos…..

  3. Fariha Akhtar Avatar

    Welcome back and oh blooperrrrrrrrrs of the evil lady recorded?? AMAZING!! 😀