The end is the beginning is the end….

I stand in the middle of the ocean. In the silence, feeling the water slowly, gently rubbing against my skin at my feet, between my toes. Slowly the level rises, I stand in submission, in silence, with my eyes closed. I can feel the calm in the air, the silence surrounding me, the water, just mildly temperate, feeling comfortable. I want to slide deeper but do not need to. It feels as if I have the elements at my command, the temperature increases just slightly, the water rises further and continues to rise.

Very soon, it is at my neck, moving higher, slowly, to touch my lips. My mouth, which till now was used to exhale, is inundated with water, tasting sweet, beautiful. My throat, carrying the water down my stomach, flooding my lungs simultaneously and all the while, the level rising above my nose, touching my eyes.

My body keeps standing. It feels as if the water wants to consume me, at my comfort, at my satisfaction. The water does not sting inside my body, nor do I feel any restraint in my breathing.

I am now submerged, completely, my eyes are wide open, seeing through the once dark layers of water, now clear as crystal from within. I breathe the water, I move through the water. I live inside this world now, outside, very far from yours.

Its not the end, its just the beginning.



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2 responses to “The end is the beginning is the end….”

  1. Afaque Avatar

    Are you in love?
    I guess so… :p

  2. Mutarjam Avatar

    Welcome to Atlantis!