The question…

There are times in our lives when we are faced with challenges, questions and conditions that require the firmest of our human courage, strength and discipline. Times when we, human mortals are trusted by our own kind, and those who that hold a special place in our hearts and minds.

In a professional and personal capacity I go through situations everyday when I am required to share my views, opinions and maybe allow someone to trust me. Today I was asked of an opinion, which was maybe too great for me to explain. When happiness and lives hang in balance, and at one hand there is a friend who you care dearly about, on the other, is the strength and courage required to be completely objective and fair and insightful.

To be trusted to that extent is a painful experience, but a pain that is taken with a hit of sense of pride, of being honoured, and to a even greater extent, a degree of fear. The fear of misleading, a fear of destroying the hopes, dreams and ideals of those that you care about.

I am, maybe not ready for a challenge of this sort, but with what limited knowledge and understanding I have, I gave my views, afraid. I am still afraid. I am still nervous, confused, maybe a bit shaken at the extremity at the fairness and impartiality required. The weight on my shoulders is tying me down. I feel heavy, my back, my head, my senses, failing me.

Such is the privilege of trust, such is the honour due to a friend.

I hope, I pray, that I still hold your trust.

I hope, I pray, that you live your dream, and in the best way possible for us.

Forgive me.






One response to “The question…”

  1. muddleheaded Avatar

    You are lucky as you have one to trust upon and and whom you can trust… its a wonderful thing to have… even more wonderful than be in love or been loved by somebody… trust me 🙂