So maybe I am back.

Have a lot going on lately, mainly all is work related and hush hush so no, no one gets to know anything, and no, I cant confess to be making nukes….not in this global scenario!!!

Whats with people adding people up on facebook!!! There are so many people I have not even heard of to begin with, that are adding me up on facebook! Scary! I, for one, only add people I know. I might add someone up, if they request to be added, I have an interest in knowing for networking purposes…but what do you do about the random adders??

In other news, no more mangoes to consume and a massive upgrade to my laptops ram. A whopping 3GB now..




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One response to “Random!”

  1. Fatima A. Khan Avatar
    Fatima A. Khan

    Salaam, I’ve been subscribed to your blog and it’s good to see you alive and kicking once again. Remain well. Love to M. and E.