Not quite in time!

I just got off the phone with another person whom I had met in November regarding a job opportunity. I was, frankly speaking, in awe of the position of the person that had called me in to meet me, and the two directors of the institution were there too. Both fairly well known figures, one of them holds the beauracratic status equivalent to that of a Federal Minister. Anyhow, at that point in time, they said they would take approximately 3 weeks to finalize ahead of the department they were planning to put up, and that they were ok with me, however they would like the incumbent head to meet me first. All that said and done and all the time that has passed, I spoke to him today and he was wondering if I could join. I had to politely refuse since it has been less than a month that I have joined here. Apparently they have not hired a head yet, but are looking to build the middle management team first. The department they are planning to set up can only be functional once a certain law has passed, which is a bit tough considering the current scenario. I don\’t know whether this was a better opportunity foregone or not, and since I am uncertain, I shall not lose my grey cells on it anymore. 😀



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2 responses to “Not quite in time!”

  1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    looks like a good opportunity – BUT ‘a certain law’ Yikes thats too dubious – I hope it has nothing to do with Cyber Crime LOL

  2. mutarjam Avatar

    ah… the what-ifs in life 😀