Of late, I have hardly had the time to blog at all. Yes yes, I actually do something, those who know me already know now, and those that dont, please dont stalk me 😛

Anyhow, heres what happened recently.

I fired my boss a while ago, then decided to take a vacation. When I had enough of doing-nothingness (seriously, i surprised myself with the amoiunt of time I actually spent just lazig around home or going out with friends once in a while. When I was done, I took my time exploring opportunities and discussing a few career options with a few people.

One of them, my ex-boss at my workplace over a year and a half back, called me up randomly during my vacation just to ask how I was doing, and to tell me of some new developments in his career line. They were not finalized, but in process. As Eid neared, and I had officialy commenced my search, he called up again, telling me that the career thing was finalized and that he wanted to meet me.

He became the CEO of a company, and he wanted me to join him as part of his new team. We didnt debate, we didnt haggle. We both knew how the other worked and thats just how things were finalized. With him, I didnt even talk much about money or titles. He made a flat offer in terms of the designation and the role, which something I was used to. In monetary terms, I just asked him to match up to an offer I had. He approved and I was on the team.

On the third day of Eid, I was asked if I could join the next day. Something I did not have an issue with, however, he was to join a week later.

But here I am, at my new office, with a wonderful view out of my window. The office just has to be fixed up and re-designed internally. That too happens to be my task.

Maybe I am back, maybe I am not, but I sure am busy again and boy it feels good to work at breakneck speed!






2 responses to “Updates…”

  1. JonyBr Avatar

    Congratulations dude 🙂

  2. mutarjam Avatar

    Sounds like an extension of the “building something” activity, roughly with your hands 😉 I’m sure you’ll enjoy tons and conquer much!