Him: Imtiaz Sahib bol rahay hain?
Me: Jee haan, aap kaun?
Him: Main XYZ bol raha hoon ABC bank se…
Me: Jee farmaiye?
(note here, i already have a relationship with ABC bank, which is why I even let him talk)
Him: Sir aap ABC bank se LMN facility main interested hain?
Me: Main already LMN facility use kar raha hoon..
Him: (sheepishly) jee sir, acha, kitna arsa hua?
Me: 4-5 months almost…
Him: Acha aap ABC Bank ke credit card main interested hain? hamaray paas buhat achee offers hain…
Me: Main ABC bank ke credit cards ka founder member hoon…(what I didnt tell him, is that I am an honourary founder member)
Him: Acha theek hai sir, shukriya, Allah Hafiz.

a) telemarketers seriously need to be taught how to talk!
b) telemarketers should know who on earth they are calling!







3 responses to “Telemarketers”

  1. Jaded Avatar

    D-uh.. if they knew all that, they wouldn’t be telemarketers, would they?

  2. newbie Avatar

    I totally agree with you. they don’t know how to talk and they become rude at times. They also seem to be f*&king begging for us to buy their products. Their methodology and marketing campaigns are not attractive either !

  3. JonyBr Avatar

    And I am receiving calls from some massage centers and free massage offers lol
    Ohh yes and the yoga