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Been ages since i did a tag, so here goes nothing.

1. Music – Im crazy about it. Just don\’t know how crazy though. I often find a song for any situation :P. My choices in music are a bit off track. I like songs for their music and/or their content. This criteria is independent of the artist/band/performer/country. Now i know many of you will jump at my \”country\” statement, because I do not listen to indian music. For those who know my musical tastes well, will actually know why most of Indian music is simply…crap. The old ones were somewhat good though.

2. Decisions – I don\’t really know. I guess we all make our fair share of misjudgements, and thats what affects decisions. There are times we lament over something we did/did not do, but there really is no use complaining about something you cant change anymore. You made the decision, no walk it. take ownership and move on.

3. Sleep – I sleep……weird. Sometimes I sleep according to a clock, and sometimes I am totally oblivious to anything and everything. I cannot take naps at ALL!

4. Family –  Highly important.

5. Religion
– I prefer not engaging in discussions about religion. It\’s my matter with my Creator. He knows how I feel and thats where the buck stops. Some times, whats hidden is more powerful than what seems to be.

6. Culture
– Im not a celebratory person. I take things as they come and as far as culture is concerned, as long as its civil, its ok.

7. Turn-ons
– sab bata doon kiya???? 😛

8. Sucks –  hmm…..I have more things to be thankful for than to be depressed about.

9. Words –  I can\’t write anymore. I have this love/hate relationship with words. But i just cant write. Dont have focus, maybe.

10. Weird
– are certain things 😛






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  1. suga Avatar

    yay u done the tag!…hugs welcome back!!