Customer Service…

I have successfully ditched…and subsequently un-ditched my blog once again. A lot has been going on, most of its unbloggable.

A certain incident i\’d like to narrate here that took place yesterday….actually earlier, but was handled yesterday.
In December 2006, I cancelled a couple of credit cards that were pretty much redundant, and in the process, i was required to make a payment to one of the banks. I paid through internal bank account transfers, and while the bank account statement reflected the amount paid, I kept getting bills for the credit card.

I made a complaint in Jan, the bank issued me a complaint number, and assured me it is now their problem to take care of it, and that I should be least bothered. So thats what I believed.

My relief lasted less than 4 months when I found out on Saturday that I was on the central banks defaulter list, for that very credit card payment!

I called the bank on Sat, they said I would be required to visit the branch and have it fixed, a clearance letter would be issued if i needed one (which i seriously did, and that too on monday!).

Yesterday (monday) morning I showed up at the bank, and rather bluntly put forward my case. I didnt have time, or the patience to address this diplomatically or with sweet talk.

The customer service lady (MR) was kind, courteous, and assured at her personal responsibility that she will do her best to arrange a clearance letter by the end of the day. I of course had no time for best efforts, I wanted assurance, and that too before 3. I left the bank, after her repeated assurances.

At almost 1, I was in the same building for a meeting, and was wondering of i could enlist someones help to call in a heavyweight to get my job done, but the time shortage was a great concern. So I went back to the bank and quarter to 3, and waited for that lady to return.

I enlisted the help of the customer services manager, who put me in touch with the guy responsible for credit cards, who, by the way, harped his story of \”policy\” which didnt allow them to issue a clearance letter the same day. I felt like punching him in the face and asking him about his \”policy\” of prompt customer service, and not screwing up on transactions.

To him, I insisted I wanted to speak to his manager, and he was very calm about it. Bottom line, he didnt assume any responsibility for the drama!

MR came back, asked what sort of a clearance I needed, and when I could not find out, she also checked from the terminals at her own bank, to tell me exactly what was needed.

So I was back in the waiting stream to hear some good news, when MR came back from upstairs, asked me for visit the other branch, and informed me that I would be handed my letter there.

I went, had to endure a 40 min wait, but got it, and when I called her back to thank her, she had left already.

Now thats what I call customer service. I have personally trained customer service people, and I know one thing for certain. Its realistic to use \”policy\” in order to prevent everyone and anyone breaking the workflow, but policies need to be bent, to accommodate situations created by your own mistake.






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  1. suga Avatar

    Dude come back!!

  2. Asma Avatar

    I wonder if you tried to suggest them with some handy to-do’s in such cases … bank people really do sux at times – I hate going to a bank 😐

  3. falsa Avatar

    I agree. Ab update till I eat your brains:P

  4. PsycheD Avatar

    arreyy yaaar! u shud have told me! chal bol..which bank is it?? aise ki taisi!! 😛

  5. in2deep Avatar

    it has been a while and i have been away. came to say hey:)