Manipulative or Opportunistic?

Let me elaborate with an example. Someone comes and offers you a cellphone you wanted to buy earlier, but was not available. You already have a cellphone though, and its suits your needs fairly well. What you dont know, is that your cell, will konk out on a certain date and time. You will not know until its very close to konking out, but the person selling you the cellphone, does know the exact date and time. It is also critical that the you dont know, that the salesman knows when you cellphone will die on you, or will show signs of dying out.

Heres the deal: Whats the best time for the salesman to approach you?
1. Anytime.
2. Only after you discover your cellphone is about to konk out?

Its also possible that you have an ego, and you refuse to buy the cellphone now, but later regret your decision and still dont buy it. The salesman also needs to get this cellphone out, without screwing the deal.



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2 responses to “Manipulative or Opportunistic?”

  1. PsycheD Avatar

    :S dude…whats so espechul with this particular cell phone eh?

  2. UD Avatar

    opportunistic… cell phone tou bechna hi hei na aakhir tou heres an opportunity! ummm yehi poocha hei na? :S