Drama on the run…

Since yesterday, my ISP, WorldCall has been doing nothing but giving me hell. For no apparent reason. I can\’t download my emails in peace, can hardly send anything. My dial up at home is more reliable! Its slow, but reliable! not like the 15kb email that stops downloading when its only 10kb through. I can download MBs in continuity without facing issues at home MashaAllah.

But its worldcall, and like every WC user, I hate it too. The only reason I use it, is because the phone numbers configures here at my office are not yet configured for DSL!

ooh…and another thing, I cant open any wordpress.com walay blogs….feel free to curse WC all you want!

Other things, life is getting busy, my new project is interesting, but I have to save it from getting snagged here and there and spending too much time on certain areas…that may hurt in the long run.






8 responses to “Drama on the run…”

  1. JonyBr Avatar

    I cant open wordpress blogs either and the service from past two days is miserable. And no its not even WC

  2. UD Avatar

    not being able to view wordpress blogs is no more exclusive for WorldCall users :S i cant access many blogs, n i b using MaxCom.

    haven’t used dialup in suuuuuuuuuuuch a long time 😀

  3. Jaded Avatar

    go figure the miseries of internet in pakistan… how sucky! the news has something about it being linked to that whole thing of blocking websites that have anti-pakistan or was it goevernment content… 🙁

  4. PsycheD Avatar

    hmmm….gprs anyone? 😛

  5. dysfunctional Avatar

    hey, im still on blogspot 😛

  6. ali Avatar

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  7. Sammy Avatar

    hmmm…i can access all that i want to, both from work n home…no wordpress or ISP issues:)
    ahh, life is sometimes too good to be true na..
    or is it that we whine too much at times,eh?:P

  8. Areeb Avatar

    Thank God, I am not facing such issues 🙂
    This reminds me of the days when I used to use Dial UP ! 🙂