End of Faraghat!

A short stint at faraghat ticked me off immensely. I only lasted a measly 3 hours…..after which I was eating irritating people like crazy, and decided to go home before someone nuked me off the planet. I have to take over this planet you see, can\’t afford to get nuked off it!

Back to work today, and thankfully today will be a proper corporate schmuck day, playing meeting meeting and deciding stuff and what not. Hopefully.

The engines are ready to roar….



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2 responses to “End of Faraghat!”

  1. Sammy Avatar

    Kia baat hai…i wish i also had enough of farghat to actually write abt it;)

  2. PsycheD Avatar

    faraghat as in farigh???

    🙂 @ playing meeting meeting
    ahh – so when do we get to see u taking over the planet then?