Have you ever felt a scream from within you, ravaging your insides, wanting to escape into the air, but know that you cant let it do so? So much to say, no words to say it, so much to feel, numbness to kill.






7 responses to “Silence”

  1. Jaded Avatar

    everything okay???? *hugggsss*

  2. Untamed Desires Avatar

    n then the silence brings with it the irritating question : ‘kya hua tumko!!’


  3. dysfunctional Avatar

    yes.. everyday.. and everyday it takes away part of my sanity..
    i see the tag, shall get to it soon =)

  4. Sammy Avatar

    Yes..everyone feels that way once in a while…
    But in the end what needs to be remembered is that how one gets over and done with this phase and look at all the bright aspects optimistically and with high hopes:)

  5. xill-e-ilahi Avatar

    yes. i call it yawning. 😛

  6. suga Avatar

    dude u ok?..

  7. PsycheD Avatar

    such expressions always incites the ‘everythng ok?’ probe.

    having sed that ….since it was a question, yes…been there – and keeps on coming.