The \”Be\” tag comes across a personal interview, rather than a list of questions, not all necessary sensible, to be answered.

Some answers might come across to you as vague. Beware.

At 5 years
Someone who just drove a huge vehicle…bright red firetrucks, monster bulldozers and aircraft were a fav. Would you believe I thought the huge ships moved fast!

At 10 years
Definitely a scientist. Back then inventing was the key word and men in white coats were the only eligible ones of doing that.

At 14 years
Scientists had widened out to engineers. Building massive machines and solving the global warming issue was key concern. Having a lamborghini diablo was one dream, along with Mcgyver type skills.

At 16 years
Falling in love with particle physics. I wanted to be at CERN.

At 18 years
Dramatic shift. I move to take up accountancy and learn the many facets of a career in finance.

At 22 years
Started working at ad agency and no world was more beautiful.

At 24 years
Corporate world dreams arise, marketing as a subject takes a practical phase in life and so does finance, considering I worked for a financial firm. Yes, by this time I wanted to be one of those men in suits sitting in a boardroom building empires. The sort that no one dared to challenge not because of their ability to fire, but because of their skill and knowledge.

At 27, MashaAllah, I\’m on the way. I\’ve left the financial firm now. On my own route to making nukes (you will all soon find out what that means).  I want to be so much more. There is so much more I want to do.

I don\’t know what I want to be right now. Being somewhere/something is having a destination. I see it all as a path.

Lets see where I see you next.






12 responses to “Be…”

  1. Sammy Avatar

    Whoa!! Drastic shifts, eh? 🙂

    What i believe is that capability and aptitude towards something can take u anywhere.. sky is the limit 🙂

    All the best for your future endeavors!

  2. suga Avatar

    yes n ur friends backin u all the way…Sky is indeed the the limit (im scared of heights)…
    Heres to u and ur achievements!!..
    *Takes a bite of her chocci bicci

  3. Extiinct Avatar

    from particle physics to accountancy to marketing. That is one hell of a journey.

    A five year old in a big red fire truck. Only one word. Cute. =P

  4. in2deep Avatar

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    and it looks like everyone has their own website.
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    i like your template.
    it’s nice and simple.

  5. No One Avatar
    No One

    heyy…how was it like working for an ad agency?? laters.

  6. Jaded Avatar

    nukes? hmmm… wondering how to infiltrate lair and steal the plans… Once i have those, the world shall be MINE!!! buhahahaaahaaaaa

  7. Asma Avatar

    Nukes … atomic Nukes ?

  8. mahnoor Avatar

    yaar yeh majorly unfair hai, now you’re just shooting tags at me. and i don’t even know what to do with them =P

  9. X --- Avatar

    Sammy: thanks! all the best to you too…
    Suga : *takes a bite off ur bicci….
    Extiinct: you be that too!!!
    in2deep: thanks dude…hope you are well…and nice to see you again after so long!
    no one: depends on the context of your question! it was fun in its own way for sure!
    Jaded: you shall never learn the location of the secret lab which has its entrance under my bed 😛
    Asma: is there any other type of nuke too??
    mahnoor: do the tags already and quit complaining!!!! 😛

  10. Asma Avatar

    Atomic nukes rock of all :>

  11. mahnoor Avatar

    lol i’m done! =P yes, all three.

  12. PsycheD Avatar

    hmm…the world domination is for real eh? as real as my rocking the planet plans 😉