On Accident!!!: I got my car back on Sunday, and just requires some minor adjustments here and there, before its just the way I want to be.

hence yaaayyyy!!!

What else, well moving on steadily towards the big board room grilling session, the people are well in contact, the final preps are taking place. Lets see what happens.

On another note, some interesting developments at a certain place from the industry front I used to be on. After my retirement (for lack of a better word) from that industry, I was helping some people out here and there with some things. Turns out I might just be headed back there once again after an interesting opportunity came knocking.

Now im stuck in a weird dilemma. I can either go on and build something that I have spent 6+ months developing from scratch and just a few words, OR go back to the industry I am very much at home with.

Each has challenges of its own.

About what I\’m doing currently: Its something that as (in its true essence) never been done before. Yes, there are entities here that are performing one function or the other of what we are trying to establish, but as far as the complete picture goes, it just has not been done here. Even on a global comparative front, we have yet to find a firm thats aggregated so much in one single standard system the way we have. In short, we might just be creating a brand new industry here. Drawbacks remain lack of a successful business model. While there are firms (both locally and internationally) that do the service in parts, there is yet to be found evidence that this is a successful business model in its own. Everything can be made to look pretty on excel, but the real world is beyond excel.

About the development: Its back to Chundrigar Road (at least for a brief period of time). I was approached by a company (backed by a very reputable bank) and we had a discussion. I have lived and breathed this industry for 3 years almost on the marketing and business development front. I know almost all the major players and their key people personally. It is described as one of the most difficult to market industries and after spending my time there, what I know for sure is that if you can pull off effective marketing in this industry, the rest are possibly mere adjustments to your learning.

From an economic consideration perspective, both are fairly close. The development thing (because of the bank involvement) can offer certain perks that the other can\’t, which are VERY enticing. From a position perspective, both are lead positions with a \”Head of…\” as a designation, and report straight to the CEO. In both cases, I know the CEO too.

I am extremely thankful to the Big Guy up there, who as always supported me. But this is a tough decision! needs some deeeeeeep thinking I guess.

Any brains for rent?






8 responses to “Updates…”

  1. PsycheD Avatar

    hmmm….u got some wise decision making to do there buddy! may God and better conscience be with u 🙂

  2. Aanie Avatar

    if u find one soon enfh do give a little this side… or ummm atleast tell me where u got it for rent[:P]

    btw i hate u for not getting me BunKababs:P

  3. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Dude follow your heart, there are tons of dot coms that have come but only a few survive. The pakistani market is slow to embrace a new and untested concept but if you are a pioneer then you have the vision to go the entire way.

    My advise is to stick it through. Little info that you did divulge in our brief chat a few weeks back I think YOU are on a great adventure, IF the idea catches on then there are on millions to be made.

  4. falsaqueen Avatar

    You do an istikhara-
    simple and Allah mian will open doors for you:)

  5. mansoor Avatar

    Best of luck in deciding what you want to do with life X!

    Its definitely the hardest one you’ll have to make :S

    u’ve been tagged again 😛

  6. *Untamed Desires* Avatar

    hmm a crossroad! okayz may u b able to make the right decision and wishing u lots of success whichever way u choose to go 🙂 btw, brains for rent khaeen mil hi na jayen 😛

  7. Sammy Avatar

    The board reads: NO RENT 😛

    Well, from this vague description, both options seem to have equal pros and cons. Although by now u must have sorted out what to do after assessing which alternative outweighs the other.

    A bird in hand is better than two in the bush, that’s my two cents on it.

    Best of luck 🙂

  8. suga Avatar

    Wow u got sum serious thinkin to do…I pray i chose the best and are sucessful in all you do…AMEEN!!!