Progress in the winter…

For some reason, Karachi seems a bit colder than what I am used to seeing it. All of a sudden, post-eid/post-new year Karachi is chilly!

Or maybe I feel so cos im killing the hibernator in me and waking up early…as I used to a week before December. especially during the last 2 weeks of December, my laziness was going out of the roof. Sleeping off till late, or lazing around in bed.

No new year resolutions for me, aside from getting on with what I have set out to do. I\’ve also decided on a game plan. Since I cant tell people what my secret assignment is, I have started telling them I make nuclear weapons. That should satisfy many.

Today was a long awaited discussion and meeting, almost a dry run presentation in a manner of speaking, that went through thankfully without any hitches. Just a few changes to the presentations resulting from a hot flurry of ideas that flowed, and some back end adjustments to the financial models.

Oh, and MashaAllah I have just been (indicatively) nominated as for the Head of Business Development and Marketing slot. Mithais and treats, all after its finalized. Need some prayers now.






19 responses to “Progress in the winter…”

  1. falsa queen Avatar

    All the prayers be with you:)

  2. Smelly Avatar

    Godspeed, Mr.Blue, godspeed.

  3. icedmocha Avatar

    global warming!! hahah..secret assignment goin well then..congrats yaar! ze prayers r heading ur way!

  4. xill-e-ilahi Avatar

    hey thats good to hear. lots of prayers coming your way. nice to see you offering treats rather than demanding thm from the metroblogging party 🙂

  5. chachee Avatar

    yipeee!!! my two thumbs up! TREEEEEEEEEEAAT!!

  6. chachee Avatar

    ok, treat later. prayers now 🙂

  7. suga Avatar

    Dude i want the biggest box of mithai u can get ur hands on,,
    we will pray for you..InshAllah…go x go x go x

  8. MystaKool Avatar

    yup.. winters have crept in good this time round.
    good luck mate.. all the best…

  9. *Untamed desireS* Avatar

    ohooo sahi time pe i land on ur blog 😀 treat ki baatein horahi hei hehehe… okay so kitni duaein chaiay?
    n shukar its a bit more cold nowadays.. atleast i can enjoy two cups of coffee instead of one 😉

  10. Jaded Avatar

    treat…. oboyoboyoboyoboy…. excuse to trash diet in the first week 😀

  11. mansoor Avatar

    best of luck buddy! may the spot be yours =)

  12. TDH Avatar

    Congrats on the promotion.

    lol @ Secret assignment. 😀 It is funny, another friend of mine got promoted just recently. Tis’ the season of promotions 😀

  13. No One Avatar
    No One

    Congratulations on your promotion and your theme rocks…take care…see ya.

  14. Serendipity Avatar

    Congrats…..All the very best

  15. X --- Avatar
    X —

    All of you, I thank you so much for your wishes and prayers…
    but that doesnt mean you stop…..

    keep them coming!

  16. MystaKool Avatar

    yeah, they’ll keep coming dude.. no worries…
    and as i always say…. damn proud of ya… for all that achieved in the shortest possible time….

  17. UTP Avatar

    no way man…its actually very COLD…never seen before…or heard of before…

  18. PsycheD Avatar

    eeerrmm…huuullloooo…anyone for the lahori chills??? *brrrr*

  19. PsycheD Avatar

    ooopsss! congrats are in order…to be honest, i dint go thru the post – but i see that everyone’s congratulating so me too! now am i entitled for a treat then? gelato will be just fine 😛