Bugged by blogger issues?

Most readers of
Blogspot based blogs are using either the http://pkblogs.com/(blog url) or http://inblogs.net/(blog url) to access the
blogs. I believe are facing issues in commenting on other blogs

A quick fix for this situation is to open the comments page in another window/tab (as your browser permits), and then removing the {http://www.inblogs.net/files.php?file=} prefix from the address bar…..leaving only {http://blogger.com} (and so on…) there.

That way you can open the comment page.

Comment away!






4 responses to “Bugged by blogger issues?”

  1. Asma Avatar

    Well, another good advice is to have window based comments rather than these pop ups …!!!

    And Nice blog here …!

  2. no one Avatar
    no one

    supp? take care..seeya.

  3. Sobia Avatar

    Oh wow finally i succeeded in opening up the comment page….hats off to u…. Dude I guess u r the whiz at bloggin …lolzzz

  4. PsycheD Avatar

    hey ! it worked!! i can comment – but the lazy ass (yeah – pls spare me – its a figure of speech!grr!) that i am, isnt there a less tiring way of commenting ? like a single click like b4?
    khair….just wanted to let u know that i am still in blogworld, albeit not too active – but i will soon again hopefully.
    hope u had a blast with the chand raat-eid-new year combo