Silent storms rage through the still air. Burning, slicing and ravaging silently through the once unusually narrow space between fact and fiction. The smell of slowly smouldering flesh mounts itself on the the stormy breeze, permeating through the valleys where beautiful dreams spin their magic upon innicent souls. The dreams cease, freeze in time, decaying slowly, to eventually crumble and annihilate back to nothingness. Dreams they are, they were, once upon a time.

From innocent hues of black to the blazing darkness of clean white.

Everything barren, seemingly clean, hiding oceans of ferociously tamed expressions.






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  1. suga Avatar

    thats how it feels inside my the moment..
    got a pain killer?

  2. Jaded Avatar


  3. falsa queen Avatar

    hmm-references abstraction weather
    let us sort out and blame everthing on it-er no?

  4. DysfunctionaL Avatar

    where is the writing!

  5. no one Avatar
    no one

    daimmm so many verbs! take care 🙂 see ya.