I have no idea what to blog about. Quite a few things come and go before one has time to actually sit and focus on anything in its entirety. In short, things have been busy.

After a long long period of being good aquaintences, I met N recently, and we take the opportunity to yak each others heads off pointlessly every once in a while. We\’ve known each other silently for approximately 3 years now, and its always been warm, comforting and peaceful. Now its anything but peaceful, but in the fun sense totally! Its intriguing as to how we as people allow certain relationships to cross cerrain safety barriers over periods of time, making acquaintences, friends and a lot more in the process.

Moving on, things are looking interestingly busy on multiple fronts, lets see what happens in due course of time. Winter has started creeping in, one can actually move around town without getting drenched. The light nip in the air at night, the slight dryness, feels just great.

What else did I make a point to blog about…?

Yeah, attended a seminar yesterday titled \”Y is for Youth\”, aimed at marketing to the youth, and came back with a head ache. It was probably the worst event ive everseen done by the Dawn group!

Best part about yesterday though was the part about me driving home at night. The roads had very light traffic at about 8.30 pm! I managed to breeze home and in the process I almost believed it was past 11!

The drive to work this morning too, was fairly comfortable as compared to normal days. I guess the citzens of this city are freaked out by potential traffic jam threats!






12 responses to “Blank-ness”

  1. Umar Pirzada Avatar

    Karachites need the lamest of excuses to miss work…IDEAS wasnt lame at all…

    The roads are cleaner than ever…but I dont know if any work is being got done lately?

    No progress can be expected of Pakistan if this prevails? How important is this IDEAS thing anyway?

  2. Kat Avatar

    i was planning on going to this seminar too….so glad i quit at the last minute!

  3. Jaded Avatar

    no idea what to blog about and you still come up with a reasonable sounding post… :p

    and no offence but I though khi-ites were completely conditioned for traffic jams and such… it is us poor isloo-ites that get freaked by the phenomenon :p trust me

  4. ~*Untamed Desires*~ Avatar

    its funny how every once in a while i come across a post saying the blogger duznt know wat to write about and then ends up writing a whole lot 🙂

    i have moved back here and yes i can hardly register to the fact that this is WINTER!!
    i mean its alomst december and still no chillz :S

    so the seminar wasnt good? :S my dad told me that the Dawn had written some article about how successful it was and bla bla..he was quite mad as to y i didnt go. wow im glad i didnt go!!

    btw, i wonder what routes u take bcos the SQ flyover and the other roads seem awfully noisy and busy to me at all times.

  5. icedmocha Avatar

    ‘Y is for Youth!- dude didn’t the name just put ya off?? ur winter sounds like our autumn. i’m comin bak home evryday with jeans soaking up2 my knees. can’t wait 4 spring!

  6. qu3st Avatar

    Mate i do know you are on Inspirex DOT blogspot on.Now i know wot u think about my mental calibre.Hehe.Yeah.I will drop you a line,as soon im done with fatigue removal therapy.Sleep.Btw,wot was it that u wrote n den deleted?

  7. no one Avatar
    no one

    About the seminar…how were they marketing towards the youth of pakistan…?? job opportunities??

    see ya around…laters.

  8. X --- Avatar

    @Umar: no one missed work i guess, but i had fun driving through signal-less roads!
    I dont know if you know this though, Ideas is a bi-annual and has pushed up arms exports significantly… i guess it is important!

    @Kat: im happy you didnt go. The review ive done here is a 2 liner very softended down version. visit the Karachi Metblogs for the full version!

    @Jaded: yaar we karachi-ites are badnaam for jams…ask dubai ppl btw..

    @untamed: u read it, not good….

    @iced: im a marketing guy! it was a seminar, for marketers, to discuss issues in marketing to the youth!

    @Qu3st: welcome aboaord!

    @No One: Marketing towards the youth of products and services. Cell phones, ice creams, drinks, entertainment…etc etc
    job opportunities are there for the right people coming through the right connections…depends on what skill set comes in…

  9. mahnoor Avatar

    dekho, lahoris beat all when it comes to traffic. hands down. hahaha!

  10. falsa queen Avatar

    It’s cold already.
    Sigh,it’s making me depressed.Now I’m glad I didn’t go to the seminar at school.They made it sound mandatory-

  11. Ek Anjaan Ladki Avatar

    i think my post got deleted:@ driving is not fun when youre sitting in traffic jams 😐

    OOO who is N?

  12. Umar Pirzada Avatar

    my bro had his college 3 days…I dont know how many other educational instituitions were closed…? How is selling weopons or earning revenue work if students miss school….talk about confused priorities…

    All temporary earnings….investment in the youth needs to take place…not revenue for ministers to fill pockets…