Until fairly recently, I believed that there are two types of people in this world. One, that takes challenges as they come in their stride, occasionally resolving issues as they come, but generally trying to evade the creation of issues. The other, evaded issues all together and was always content with the monotony in their lives. It was a few days ago, that I discovered the third kind, those that actively hunt for challenges and are fuelled by the constant desire to find the greatest challenge. I have, since then actually managed to find a coupke more people, hence realizing I was normal…possibly.

Some live the dream, some live to build the dream, and are satisfied in doing so, knowing the dire circumstances that one may face in the process and knowing that many mountains lay ahead,

I was discussing an opportunity with a friend, who asked if I thought I could do the task. I inadvertently blurted out \”If I could do it, I would not do it\”. A couple of moments silence followed, then after realizing what I had said and the liberation that I felt after saying it, I went on to explain the statement further. Bottom line being, if I knew how to to accomplish a certain task, it would hardly be a challenge. It is the search of the ultimate quest that keeps me going.

The past few days, I have been positioned (by some random reason) to contemplate on the beauty of this one word. Challenge. In our lives, everything is a challenge, to someone or the other, in some form or the other. Why do challenges appeal to us so much? Why is it beautiful to challenge the possible?

I believe in everything, for everything is possible…






9 responses to “Challenge…”

  1. falsa queen Avatar

    I hate challenges.
    I hate who say bring it on.
    I hate psuedo intellectuals.

    I got carried away.Oops.

  2. DysfunctionaL Avatar

    challenge is what keeps one motivated to do things.. to live life..
    i agree with u..
    if i could do it, i wouldnt do it either! =)

  3. ~*Untamed Desires*~ Avatar

    challenges are those insane crazy things in life that woo u, get u going and drive adrenaline into u and u just wana get it done with somehow and prove ‘u’ to urself and maybe the world….The question is, once its behind u, was it all worth it? For me, its more often not been worth all that running after. I prefer no challenges such as those 🙁 gosh i sound pessimistic? :((((((((((

  4. Umar Pirzada Avatar

    no matter how much I rant about how challenges are what I look forward to….the truth is I would rather have monotony if I can put food on the table…but that has not been possible as yet…

    Hence look forward to challenges…

  5. Poo Poo Head Avatar

    I believe there are only two types of tasks, one are easy and not worth of doing and one are hard so not worth of trying but then I need to do some thing to get bread on my table so I better should do thing which I enjoy.

  6. Extiinct Avatar

    Challenges are like a fix to some people. Everytime you face them you get high on them.

    Monotony is the vacation we take from challenges. a couple of days/weeks of it and then we miss the adrenaline rush. miss the feel-good and contentment that comes with rising upto meet a challenge.

  7. Jaded Avatar

    sometimes there is nothing like the quiet feeling of self knowing there is something you can do and be settled with it but there are times when you need that adrenalin rush, that tension of knowing you’re facing something that is going to take you further than you are…

    And to answer your comment on my blog; *raised eyebrow* “a-hem! of course i’m going to do a PhD… that’s a given.. for sure some day soon… it’s my adrenaline rush and my kick for some time to come” 😉

  8. strayangel Avatar

    Lolz. I’ve actually passed up on things I could do simply coz I could do them. Which is kind of crazy, as has been pointed out to me quite quite often…especially when the thing is beneficial for you or something. But I sometimes can’t quite see the point of doing something I know I can do. To show others I can? Somehow doesn’t appeal to me.

    Do-able things aside, just the word ‘monotony’ is so bland. I know I might get stuck in some kind of boring routine but I really don’t want to. I really, really don’t want to.

  9. SK Avatar

    This is an awesome blog. With that attitude, you will Inshallah go far in this world.:)