A topsy turvy past week, crazy ideas, crazy emotive states and even crazier discussions with people I am close to.

Things have been pleasantly weird at the home front and work, well, that has been pretty much usual. I guess breakthrough of the week remains a standard feature MashaAllah in which we come to a certain learning and/or crucial opportunity point and move from there.

This week there were two such things. As much as I\’d like to, you all know I can\’t disclose such wonderfully juicy entreprenurial ideas now, I might to so when things start rolling for real. Possible scenario would be me asking if you had heard of a certain company and/or a certain execution, and if have, I would be telling you who was behind it.

For now though, things will have to wait.

Some strange ideas go into peoples minds when they still believe I do nothing. Smack on November 9th, I bumped into an old ex colleague online and the second and third messages I got from her (first one being \”heeeyyyyyy!!!!\”) were \”aren\’t you at offce?\” and \”what happened to your job??\”. I don\’t really blame her, she was out of uni for about just over a year when she got married and was (not to be mean) ignorant enough to not think about how things went by aside from her job. She was even least concerned about how other departments functioned. This, was of course an easy opportunity for anyone to tell her more than she knew and also meant that she would get impressed very easily. Turns out the rest of the gang and I keep telling her once she is head over heels \”the guy was nothing special, you are just too easy to impress\”.

Sounds mean of us, I know, but hey, she was like the lil kid at our place and we all took care of her.

Fast forward to the present, lets see what the coming week has to say…

For now though, I feel a bit lost, for no reason whatsoever….my imagination seems to be on a vacation, and silence seems to prevail all over. Which, i think, is good in a way…no?






7 responses to “116327822364205424”

  1. icedmocha Avatar

    hahah..gd luk with ur ‘juicy entrepreneurial ideas’!

    itz gud 2 be silent 4 a bit..magar don’t let ur khamoshi stop ya 4rm postin…

    *casts a spell* “Let x’z imagination run wild!”

  2. in2deep Avatar

    silence is good, being lost is okay. i was there, and ive been there just too many times.

  3. DysfunctionaL Avatar

    oh i’d die for some silence..
    like.. seriously.

    too much noise as of late.. everywhere..

    and if i tell u how i feel, u’d have to shoot me =P

  4. Jaded Avatar

    “Silence is the true friend that never betrays.”

    So said Confucius and your silence seems to be a better friend as your train seems to be moving on its track… 🙂

  5. ~*Untamed Desires*~ Avatar

    silence … a bliss, a breakthrough of sorts, a way of talking to my inner self and therapeutic as well. lov it 🙂

  6. suga Avatar

    Silence..is gold…it truly is..

  7. moizza Avatar

    It’s a good thing, if an epiphany happens you will know fore sure it’s not just the caffeine in your head:P