The Chronicles of Boredom – Part 2

One thing I forgot to mention in the last post, was the fact that I watched the second half of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Tuesday, October 24 before I hit the sack, that too cursing the cable guy for ramdomly shifting the location of the channel midway. I almost pulled out my dvds when my brother found the alternate position while in search of something else. Chand mubarak messages started pouring in, which doesnt make sense \’cos the fun of chand raat is when it comes by surprise, not when its predictable. Khair, slept a while after that and quite a few messages came in till the time I dozed off, a few more after that which I read in the morning.

Wednesday: The rise of the morning sun, Eid prayers and sending a hefty number of Eid mubarak texts later (I\’m not much of an Eid person, but things like these are part of the standard relationship management things), I have breakfast, then laze around the house with one of the younger bros, while other brothers and dad doze off. I go through movies I have, only to discover a couple of them aren\’t running on the laptop (dvd player and tv already in use by brother) and I don\’t remember what he was watching, but I sure was\’nt interested. I managed to watch a horror/thriller movie, See No Evil. Movie was ok, overdone in several aspects. Signed in, goofed around, napped and then went out for dinner.

Thursday: Woke up next morning to a throat that seemed to have been subjected to the free will of over a million pneumatic drill bearing lunatics. Grazed, dented, broken and hurting like mad. Did nothing all day again, this day I took the liberty to sleep a li\’l extra. While fooling around online in the evening, set up a dinner plan with a friend, drove out at 8, first found my way there, picked friend up, had dinner at Ciao because Aylanto kicked us out (they had no space, and the head waiter suggested a minimum 30 minute wait. Hot choc at Costa post that (espresso is my first choice, but its too noisy to have a decent discussion at times) and then realized it was 11.30. Had to drop friend to her friend\’s place for a slumber party, and slumber-party-hostess\’s-mum would have raised eyebrows is she was late. Had a great time though. Headed back home and slept.

Friday: While most of Karachi was out to work, I remained crashed in bed, my throat decided to go gay on me and by now was showing signs of my standard infection cases along with a slight fever. Took meds and cancelled plans of heading out to get some long over due home stuff done. Crashed infront of the telly post lunch and watched an interesting kiddie movie for the second time after quite a while. Also discovered that I like that song by Ali Khan, Saathiya. Friend from Thursday night dinner confirms to me the timing and venue of her brothers concert which she told me of earlier. Its at DD Clifton, reminds me of my crazy donut parties and the need to crash there on Monday morning. As bad as I really wanted to go to this, my drained state was not giving up. Slept like a rock in the evening, woke up for dinner and then answered some interesting questions late at night.

Saturday: Feelin a lot better, I decided to head out to get the stuff finally done. Drove out at 11, came back home at 3, had lunch, then headed back out to drop younger bro to his friend\’s place, where he and his friends will be jamming throughout the night. Old school friend called, asking if I was up for a hang-out and dinner plan, knowing I\’d start talking like crazy, I chose to decline, in the interest of having a saner throat for Monday morning when I finally get back to work.

Also calculated that after subscribing to the 1250 texts package on October 20, I have less than 720 left, hence over 500 consumed in just 8 days, of which about 240-250 were sent on eid, the rest were cheap text rallies. Saturday\’s score was over 30 and continued as I typed this.

All of you jealous of my chutti-at-will attitude: I just downloaded myself an assignment, which I will be doing on Sunday. Zip it already!

This post was prepared on Saturday night, and will be posted Sunday morning, subject to some last minute realizations while I\’m sleeping, which will be (hopefully seamlessly) integrated into the main body of the post. Feel free to try locating areas where integration was done later and win yourself brownie points. Do a good job and you might actually even win yourself a real Hob Nob Brownies. Please refer to Mr. Tariq Aziz if you were hoping for a water cooler or Electra for peeling onions/potatoes/whatever.






5 responses to “The Chronicles of Boredom – Part 2”

  1. qu3st Avatar

    woah,your account of boredom was quite interesting….i wonder wot your interesting days are like….

  2. suga Avatar

    Hmm my days off..r nothing like urs…they r least u got to go around

  3. Jaded Avatar

    ummmm… where be the boredom in all of that unless of course you be workaholic which i be knowing dat you are… cheer up buddzz… holidays gone and life be returning to offices of the insane soon…

    Can’t believe am looking forward to spinning like crazy.. 😀

  4. in2deep Avatar

    i agree with quest, i wonder what your exciting and hectic days are like!
    but happy working from tomorrow as the week begins and everything should go back to normal.
    have a nice week buddy!:)

  5. falsa queen Avatar

    okay-you were bored with all that you did.the friends you entertained(espresso/costa).wait till she reads this.hahaha.she bored you!