The Chronicles of Boredom – Part 1

This is the first in the series of two (maye three) posts, unless of course something really elaborate comes up that jumps on my head to be blogged.

This post and others like these are the result of extreme boredom that has arisen due to the a sudden gap in all activity thats keeps my life going (read \”work\’).

It all started on saturday, the day after Juma-tul-Wida (the last friday of the month of Ramadan). I slept late, indulging in an early online sprint that ran late into the night with a couple of blogger (and a few other non blogger friends) and resulted in a late wake up (ok, i realize, 1 pm is late, VERY late, so unlike me).

What did I do after that, roamed around the house for a bit, no one had anything to do, hence I picked up my laptop and ventured to give Maqbool a shot. Its an Indian version of Shakespere\’s Macbeth and has been done very well. I have Omkara too, but im kind of not to keen on watching it since I havent studied or seen Othello, the original one. More about books and movies. The Davinci Code makes the movie look like a midget and Tom hanks can go flush himslef down the drain for looking like an absolute baboon in that movie, The producers should have realized that having a blockbuster starcast doesnt essentially guarnatee a great flick, the movie should have its own credibility too. After reading The Davinci Code, I tried giving Deception point a trial. Was sadly disappointed. Too much technological BS and a standard \’everyone is so smart\’ crap. Ticked me off extremely.

Back to my saturday, after Iftar we all sat down and thought about hittin the streets awara gardi-ofying later at night, thought maybe some last minute shopping could get done (none was eid related though, i know, sounds weird). Khair, went out, drove around, traffic was crazy on Tariq road, then hit Alamgir road for Chicken Malai Boti came back at about 2 in the night and almost outside the estate, we heard a huge clanking sound from under the car as we stopped at the signal. Got out, investigated, found a small (2-3 inches) piece of curved metal, which looked like a spring part. Thought would investigate the car later, so while mum was in the car with bro, rest of us walked home. Found out it was the rear right coiled spring that had fractured. Went up, and slept, thanking our lucky stars that the thing didnt break while we were driving around.

Come Sunday, it seemed that the spirit of Garfield had gripped everyone in our home deeply. We all lazed around, slept for quite a while and I didnt even get the car done after taravih, considering the huge traffic jam that would have potentially lied in wait for us.

Monday, woke up at about 11.30, drove out to the mechanics at 12.30, got the stuff done and a couple of other small things too and then came back home at almost 5. Was dead beat by then and skipped a family drive around town later that night post taravih. Went to sleep during a cheap text exchange session and was woken up for sehri, then woke up again this morning and its about 2 pm and im almot done typing this away.

I wont be ranting about the 3 eids we are having her this year, everyone else is doing it and its really not worth it. These people are idiots (ok, ill zip it). Also realized its been a while since Ive done anything on the Metroblogs. Hmm…..






12 responses to “The Chronicles of Boredom – Part 1”

  1. qu3st Avatar

    Wow,it seems like you’re da king of boristan,hehe.And your boredom account can put any resistant insomniac to sleep.Joke.So im officially on your blogroll…Which makes me think about makin a list myself.Cheers.

  2. Khizzy Avatar

    why would i mind?

  3. Jaded Avatar

    poor poor bored soul..symathies & *hugggsss* and a spell to wish you into the world of work, appointments, plans and chaos that you thrive in…

    have a nice eid my buddzzz and cheer up.. shall be over soon.. all three of them!

  4. falsa queen Avatar

    And yet you insist no office for you on Friday!

  5. qu3st Avatar

    Eid mubarak!

  6. in2deep Avatar

    🙂 thankyou for putting me in your list. i had already put you there before coming to your page.
    and i hope you had a better eid day and it wasnt so boring for you.

  7. Extiinct Avatar

    “Cheap text session”

    *eyes go wide, mouth falls open* Hawwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Hahahahahha! Sorry couldn’t resist!

  8. icedmocha Avatar

    Eid mubarak dude!!

  9. qu3st Avatar

    Yeah regardin cheap txt msgin,is the content cheap?or the cost of it?

  10. suga Avatar

    Wow @ cheap txts..wish we had that over here.

    C ya

  11. mAn[S]o0r Avatar

    lol @ boredom!!

    Eid Mubarak man!!

    and yea.. u really do need 2 spice up KMB again 😀