Ok….got tagged by Dysfunctional and incidentally, this is exactly the tag that I referred to in this post! so yaaay!!

thanks Dys!! (can i call u that btw??)


height: 5\’10\”
color: a shade of brown (wheatish?? whats that btw??)
piercing: nil!
tattoos: none

Right Now

Time: 1259 hrs (this post will be published at approximately 1520 hrs btw)
Mood: need to work, dont feel like it, slightly bored!
taste: cant exactly pin down what that is…
the weather: its hot outside…humid in here…..
bad habit: lemme think of ONE!
current crush: Sounds boring but none..nil..ziltch…nada..
biggest regret: None major….but there is one i cant tell!

Perfume(s): Eternity
Thing I want to do: Get done with the projects on hand and see these things fly!


TV show: Hardly been watching TV, but always liked sitcoms!
book: many…just dont remember names (note to self, get reading again)
non alcoholic drink: Milk, sprite, tang…cut down on cola these days..
milk drink: Milk itself, hot chocolate flavoured is great too….
brand: brand of what??
color: Im a blue freak
emblem: Cambridge U!
perfume: 212 Men, Farenheit, Drakkar Noir, Eternity, Contradiction, Escape and few others that I cant recall names of..
designer: Not a designer wear person….
Chocolate: A great many…wher do i start???

Have I Ever

broken the law: yes…
misused credit card: NO!!!
skipped school: no…
fell asleep in the shower/bath: yes…and its so soothing!!
had children: umm……not the last time i checked!
been in love: i guess..
been hurt: comes with the package….


have a job: umm….yes…
My CD player has what in it right now: Ill take the PC, its silent right now…but im hooked to The Blowers Daughter by Damien Rice these days…
if I were a crayon, the color? blue!
what makes me happy? good food, job done, silence, sitcoms, family….i have many of those chotti chotti khushain btw….

When/What Was the Last

I got a real letter: I stopped getting those….now all i get are bills….
got an email: AN email?? i get over a hundred everyday!

thing I purchased: duplicate key for my car on sat, was too lazy to do anything on sun and havent bought anything so far today!
TV program I watched: A hint of satuday night live…on saturday!
movie I saw in the theaters: Pirates of The Caribbean – Dead Man\’s Chest.. at the premiere! 😀

hugged: virtually or really??
song heard: Damien Rice – Blowers Daughter and then Requiem for a Dream\’s soundtrack…
place I was [besides home]: at office….was in the car before that!
phone call: mum!
was depressed: late saturday night…done and over with now….

What Comes to Mind When I Hear

car: BMW = UDM
murder: crows!.
cape: zorro…
cell: mine!
fun: execution!
shoe: i need to buy!!
crush: orange juice!
music: depends on the kind of music!
love: nothing much really…im a cold blooded realist….
chalk: aimed and whacked on the head!

Now…who all do I tag?

Extiinct, Psyched, Suga, No one, Mansoor, Jaded, Untamed Desires, Mentalist, FQ, Checkmate, Qu3st, Sam and SR (you know who im referring to are). Anyone else, feel free to jump in!






13 responses to “Tagged….”

  1. falsa queen Avatar

    you are the first person in my knowledge to admit that sitcoms make him happy-may the khushiyaan remain:)

  2. qu3st Avatar

    Hiya,in da ward right now so cant fill in,but am too excited for my debut performance on a tagged situation.

  3. Extiinct Avatar

    Dude!!! U got my name right but the link wrong! UD, my aplogies. This is not, repeat not an attempt to overtake ur blog or something:P

    Hehehe Okay Ive gone crazy. This is one long ass tag…

  4. suga Avatar

    Cool tag..all done!
    Chalk lol aimed and whacked on head…painful!!

  5. DysfunctionaL Avatar

    yay.. ure welcome =)

  6. PsycheD Avatar

    might as well tag the whole of blogworld!!!
    will come back when im done

  7. mansoor Avatar

    cool! thanks 4 da tag.. i’ll get around to it and come back

  8. Kat Avatar

    been in love: i guess..
    been hurt: comes with the package….
    So aptly put!]

  9. icedmocha Avatar

    a much more intrstin tag then the others attakin the bloggin world…will get round 2 doin it soon- mentalist? haha

  10. No One Avatar
    No One

    heyy great to learn more abt yaa…man I gotta fill this taggy soon…love tags…have a good one…take care…see ya