The past week has been crazy mad busy, as evident from my lazy and to the point posts.

The week was busy, and good. Apologies to all my friends who I\’ve been talking to very frequently earlier on but have sort of not paid much attentio to them recently. Signs of the fact that I\’m probably soon about to become my zombie self. even right now I\’m sitting in office and have a meeting in about 30/40 mins.

Yesterday was Friday the 13th, but great things happened in the sense that I got to meet and/or talk to a lot of people I\’ve been out of link with recently. I spoke to 3 people in Lahore. Ive never done that in a single day unless I am in lahore! The first one I talked to told me that the weather is hot, the second one told me too much on their head and will be ok soon, the third one called me from the middle of the road in the rain and was cursing me for not being there. Ok, so thats bad.

I was out of office from 1.30 yesterday, came back at about 20 past 5 and then head back out in 10 mins after freshening up to an Iftar with old colleagues at a restaurant. Bumped into 3 more people there. One was a friend of a very close friend whom I once met at an event we were attending. The second one is (or is it \”was\”) a KMB guys and the third one I know through other sources. Hit Lattetude after that and bumped into another aquiantence after a long long time. Catching up was suggested and I agreed. I\’ll keep that after ramadan so atleast I can have something to much on when I get bored.

Came home at over half past 10, everyone was at Khalas so I just chilled on the couch for a bit, trying to stay awake till they got home before I went to sleep. All home at 11, and I was on bed by 12 dozing away.

I so wish I was travelling right now, Islamabad also had great weather in the past couple of days, chilly nights have set in there too. We\’re waiting for something nice to happen here though.

Now, about work, things are coming along just fine MashaAllah and the initial stages of the project are in finalization stages, we will hopefully start making rounds for raising capital by next month or so. By that time, my company will also have a name so the unbelievers (yes, there are some who strangely believe I\’m doing noting and putting up a farce) can rest.

I\’ll keep you guys posted on progress on the business front. Fow now though, I gotta jet off and get back to tweaking the figures that have been crossing everything these days. Hopefully will finalize them in todays meeting.






5 responses to “Review!”

  1. suga Avatar

    Its nice to catch up with friends u havent seen for ages..
    I usually hide when i see someone i havent bothered to stay in contact….they always kick my ass..

    Good luck with ur project my duwas r with u…everything will b a success InshAllah!!

  2. icedmocha Avatar

    brilliant!! keep catching up…it makes life more interesting. hope the project goes well 4 ya!

    yea friday the 13th pretti well rokd ysterday!

  3. DysfunctionaL Avatar

    i tag u, officially..

  4. PsycheD Avatar

    i seriously need a few rounds of catching up with friends here in lhr. i do miss the the hectic running around accomodating acquaintances every time im in khi.

  5. Ek Anjaan Ladki Avatar

    my lovely memories of pakistan are unfortunately overshadowed by the traffic, pollution and beggers I met on my visit there!