Its a BEAUTIFUL day today! after so long for a great change! No blazing sun raining fire down on your head, roasting you inside out in two minutes. A pleasant breeze, slowly, softly, and cool calmness.

The meetup went well yesterday, caught up on old times and industry news (ex industry for me). Incidentally when S and I crashed back at my office for a cup of tea and I signed into MSN, I also ran into AS, an old collegue of ours, who is now married and lives in Quetta with her Air Force dude hubby. HK called up at that moment. HK used to be my boss, now a VP in a bank (refer to my designations and abbreviations wali post somewhere in the past 2 months). Im too lazy to find you guys a link right now.

I have a monster meeting today, and Im sort of preparing right now, point is, whats there is there, and its out there for all. There will be very limited talking, only majority brainstorming on how to go about raising the tons of money we need now.

– – – – BREAK – – – –

Ok, back from meeting and home now, sitting at home at half past ten and just resumed tying this.

Meetiing went well MashaAllah, one step closer to word domination (where is my competition???). Tons of money to raise now.

The numbers from today\’s meeting need to be reviewed, some upscaling and additions. Hence the action plan for the rest of the week and the next week. Post that, some final touches and data back ups.

For some reason I\’m absolutely blank right now…just realized while talking to a few people that I cant even think clearly. Its rare, this state. I could go to sleep right now and wake up in a completely different mind set.

I have a question for you guys. If you read a blog, someones blog, once in a while….and if it says \”I tag you all\”…does that tag apply???






10 responses to “Lost…”

  1. Extiinct Avatar

    yes it applies. and if you think it doesn’t then…”I tag you”… now go do the tag :p

  2. DysfunctionaL Avatar

    oh yeah, I would think the tag applies too..

  3. qu3st Avatar

    Yeah the weather has been tolerable for the last few days,but it brings with it the colds and the flus,this year VHF too.so be careful.i lost my friend last year to VHF,so i am really very careful and advise the same.

  4. suga Avatar

    tag applies all…yup

  5. falsa queen Avatar

    you do not need an excuse to utilize a tag!

  6. PsycheD Avatar

    hmmm…i disagree….the tagger shud not be a lazy kutti/kutta (vocab courtesy suga:) – shud specify – with links – who they are tagging!

    and that’s coming from a tag lover 🙂
    btw..who tagged u (forcibly)? n whats the tag about?

  7. suga Avatar

    woof woof…arf arf..

  8. icedmocha Avatar

    glad the weathers workin out 4 ya!

  9. No One Avatar
    No One

    “”I tag you all”…does that tag apply???”—-> not really…if they really want to know your answers to those questions…they usually state the name of ppl they want to learn more abt….take care see ya 🙂

  10. Jaded Avatar

    😀 umm… hey mister… don’t know if there be much competition for ‘word’ domination… :p

    think ‘world’ and you might find moi working on term papers to wow the world.. 😀

    isb weather chilling but the flu it brings is miserable.. i should know.. have spent 3 days in hibernation