Long overdue….

Time for an extremely overdue blog post. Been very busy these days, and whats more, i leave office at 5 now, which means i get home by 5:40 or so, better part is that i manage to evade the mad traffic jams and by that time, the summer sun has somewhat smoothened out.

The financial model\’s almost finalized and currently out for review. Im at office, killing time for a while before I rendezvous with some old colleagues for Iftar. Looking forward to some good fun, which reminds me I forgot to take extra cash today. I had the extra cash on the tip of my yesterday, until ofcourse I fell asleep earlier than planned thanks to the beautiful breeze in the balcony (no i didnt sleep in the balcony, I was merely sitting infront of the balcony door and enjoying the breeze while I worked).

Im looking forward to the winter, and by this time, its supposed to have moved in, sadly its still blazing hot during the day and only makes sense once the sun is down.

By the way, the \”gay wordpress users\” in the post below refers to wordpress being gay, as opposed to the brow-raising implications that were made. I understand that while we blogspot users are under a ban (by the way, ive been experiencing unbanned blosgpot at my office for the past couple of days, didnt check at home), we can still post over email, which means the whole world doesnt go to the wordpress page simultaneously to make a post and hit save everytime you type a section.

Dont mean to start a blogspot vs. wordpress debate here, but I too signed up for wordpress recently, but didnt proceed when I learnt about the email post issues there. Im so used to posting over email. Its so convenient!

Will continue later…have to head out now….






2 responses to “Long overdue….”

  1. qu3st Avatar

    The worst thing about traffic in karachi is you get an unbalanced sun burnt face,good thing about traffic in khi is you can catch up on the music while listening to the radio.So for me its this love n hate kinda situation.

  2. falsa queen Avatar

    I don’t like wordpress-