The return….

Ladies and Gentlemen…

She is back….all she needs now is a new set of shoes….and thats a tough choice….no wonder women take so long to shop for shoes!







10 responses to “The return….”

  1. falsa queen Avatar

    Women take time and so do men.Brand and image conciousness have seeped in our society which is fine I guess.
    My brother has flatly refused to shop with me.Sigh.On the contrary I always assist him when he needs a woman’s presence.He takes twice as much time as myself to decide.

  2. icedmocha Avatar

    lol i gota agree with fq’z comment. even i hav the same prob with my bro hahah.

  3. falsa queen Avatar

    fq gloats here and finishes with a gracious bow-

  4. DysfunctionaL Avatar

    i believe the more time a woman spends shoe-shopping, the more shoes she buys..
    dircectly proportional, sort of.

  5. Jaded Avatar

    “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”
    — Bette Midler –

  6. suga Avatar

    i am happy with my slippers….

  7. No One Avatar
    No One

    shopping for shoes…is my passion! trust me…we have to take time…trying out different shapes and sizes…and then matching them up with our hand bags and clothes…its a whole process…you wouldn’t understand…:D see ya

  8. mAn[S]o0r Avatar

    welcome baq!

    *who waise?

  9. PsycheD Avatar

    who’s back??

    which reminds me….i need a couple of spunky footwear!

  10. SK Avatar

    I agree with fsq. If I see a shoe (or anything!) I know if I like it within 2 seconds. There is no ‘pondering on it’ with me.Hate window shopping. if you like it, get it! While my ex took half an hour EVERYDAY getting ready AND shoe or any other shopping was torturous…and this was a very organized guy otherwise. So its just basically people thinking “women take longer’ nowadays. Its not the gender, its what and who YOU are within.