Blank blank blank….

Time for a post long due…

Ive been busy, not very, but fairly, mainly ramadan has taken a great deal of time-shuffling. Its normal, happens every year and by the time we get used to the shifts, ramadan is often over half way through…then you spend another week or two getting back to schedule!

It makes a slight bit of sense when people u know give u a missed call..maybe as an indicator to remind you of something or just to make sure u call them back……but whats a blank SMS worth?? Why on earth would you or anyone send someone a blank sms??

I got one a few days ago, initially i replied with a \”who is this?\” but when no reply came back…i sent another one \”I got a blank sms from this number. btw, its cheaper to give a missed call\”. I sent those messages cos it costs me 0.12 Rs. to send an sms..hence the crazy mad sms parties I have.

Its just unbelievably blazing hot for the past few days…intolerable….and for some reason….im forgetting something…and since im forgetting it, i dont know what it exactly was that I meant to say…..

Sad……I didn\’t even have my car today 🙁






5 responses to “Blank blank blank….”

  1. icedmocha Avatar

    yup pretti pointless! dudeee wherez the car?

  2. Extiinct Avatar

    Uve got your car back now:)

    and you already know my theory of weird blanks texts:P

  3. DysfunctionaL Avatar

    i TOTALLY utilized the ufone sms package while i was in pakistan.. sigh.. i’d sms ALL day.. ALL day i tell u!

  4. PsycheD Avatar

    @extiinct…so whats the theory eh? got another one for sms-es that refuse to stop even if you dont acknowledge them? sp the ones the ones where the maniac is professing his love!
    gaawwd! ive been getting ‘i luv u’ smses for the last week now – on the hour – at times 5 consecutive smses of the same msg. im n im on total ignore mode

  5. sam Avatar

    what package do you have? i’m an sms freak too which is why i’m constantly broke