Past few days…

Things have quite busy in the past few days. and the weather is craetin quite a drama. I\’m hoping that the weather will come to its senses soon.

I recieved three letters from my bank last week. They were all sent to the wrong address. What surprises me, is that despite the fact that the bank made a data entry error, I\’m the one thats supposed to be writing a request for correction of address. It shocks me as to why this nation is so insensitive to basic human interaction skills. The letters were thanking me for opening an account with them and introducing a couple of new clients. Now that does sound great from a customer service perspective, but what they were not supposed to do was to send the letter unsigned, and with a wline reading \”This is a computer generated letter and does not require a signature\”.

Silly people the bankers be. Id be ok with that computer generated crap if it were an account statement, or any sort of lab test report or something, because it only means that there is a system that is managing the whole affair and that its trusted enough by the management not to require a re-check of the contents of that report. You just dont send a thank you letter with that line!

How would the bank feel if I sent the president a birthday card with that line?

Had fun at the blogger meetup, and those interested in knowing more can read details off the the other attendants\’ blogs since im not much of a storyteller……which reminds me…..aside from Psyched, no one has quite put up the story…..

The past few days have been really maddening in terms of power issues, not to mention the searing heat is creating a laziness sector in the morning mad me.

The world is going crazy too, a coup in Thailand and Chavez just called Dubya the devil. For more on dubya entertainment, there is a site dedicated to his quotes of enlightenment that have always made me laugh.






5 responses to “Past few days…”

  1. Checkmate Avatar

    Inpirex, I am still in shock after the meet up so could not write about it yet. Just Kidding. Buddy didn’t get time. The tasks at work are pouring in and with Ramazan so close it’s busy at the home front too.

    I’ll write about it. But I think Psyched has done a pretty good job (Yes I am lazy )

    And you are tagged! Details on my blog. Cheers

  2. PsycheD Avatar

    my…my…i see myself mentioned everywhere! 🙂

    well..i had a rolicking time…i just had to immortalize it in writing 😛

  3. Jaded Avatar

    every time i read about a bloggers meet up my wittle heart goes thump-a-thump-thump… *sigh* glad you guys can tolerate each other reasonably well offline too 😉

  4. mAn[S]o0r Avatar

    it was a good meetup! we gotta do it again someday… 😀

    n im too lazy to write about it too :$

  5. sam Avatar

    what meetup was this? an all boys meetup to avenge the all girl brunchfest last month? Tell all. Pics too please.