So much more, sometimes so little….

So heres an overview of whats been going on, the kind I usually give once ive spent a few days outside bloggosphere…

First, however, is a point of concern. I was and still am EXTREMELY ticked off at the ads on the bottom of my blog! I just cant understand what happened to these bloody google people! (for those who didnt know, blogspot belongs to google, so does orkut and a million other things. Oh, and India\’s got bought out by eBay for USD50 million, so theres tons of stuff happening in the webscape of business).

Ok, i just found out it isnt the google people posting these ads, its the pkblogs ppl (considering the blogspot ban here, we use a proxifying site, hence we just learnt that they arent the ones that insert them).

Back to me….yes, thursday was mostly spent planning and re-reviewing what we have been upto, and developing alternative strategies, so just when we realized the pace of things was slow enough to actually start feeling bored, here comes a new thing which should keep the mind buzzing. Its interesting how barren the Pakistani enterprise scape is, and whats more interesting is how one just cant import a business mode and deploy it here. We need a customization on several fronts, probably thats what makes business in Pakistan so much fun!

Friday was a BEAUTIFUL day. It rained all day since 10 in the morning and continued till God knows when in the night. I liked this sort of rain, soft, serene, the kind that doesnt soak you inside out while you walk for 2 minutes from your car to the building or the office or just to the coffee shop nearby and grab an nice warm cuppa.

The night, however, we were deafened by idiots who dont give a damn about Shab e Barat. If you cant observe it, please dont disrespect it.

Saturday today, have a couple of movies to watch, lets see what I end up watching and sharing with you all. Lets see about tonights mad blogging marathon. My phone line is a bit noisy, hopefully ill be able to make it, but nothings too certain.

As you can see, there is pretty much nothing really thought provoking about my blog. Its just the usual rants that I bore all of you with quite often.

By the way….this post was made by by saving it to my outbox on Outlook, then driving by my office, parking outsede and hitting the F9 button. Considering the internet at home is was extremely crappy at the point of time the post was posted.






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  1. No One Avatar
    No One

    heyy i watched this really stupid funny movie yesterday, i am such a lozer, but i really laughed my head off cuz it was that lame…and sometimes u need to watch these movies to just chillax or just laugh cuz they are plain dumb…anyways i watched ‘shes the man’….yeah i am such a lozer, i admit…but watch it…its a chick flick and so lame…laters 🙂

  2. PsycheD Avatar


  3. Extiinct Avatar

    No one: I liked that movie too! Lol! That movie was hilarious! Lame or not i had fun laughing my head off! Chick flicks all the way!

    X: This blog is all about you. Thought provoking or inspiring isn’t a necessacity

  4. suga Avatar

    Wheres my comment? grrr

    I echo Extincts words..

    U r always encouraging me to blog n b who i am tujhe kya howa?..

    GRrrrrrrrrr kick ur ass