New Crib….


And….here it is, one of the first pics of the new office…..
The carpet has yet to be added and ofcourse the paintings and all that stuff for the walls is also in the pipeline…

That laptop there is mine….obviously…..and thats about it to this place so far 🙂






5 responses to “New Crib….”

  1. PsycheD Avatar

    nice pad…but too clean…ass some clutter – then it will all be swanky! 😛
    just like one of those spic-n-span bedroooms and living rooms…they got no life!such places should look like its been lived in! get waht i mean?
    oh…congrats on the new office. what model is the lappy??

  2. No One Avatar
    No One

    heyy…nice pics! the laptop rocks…congrats! take care…see ya 🙂

  3. suga Avatar

    Congrats! Now start decorating 🙂 I love the glass desk…and thats one cool lookin lappy 🙂

    Congrats again

  4. ~*Untamed Desires*~ Avatar

    freaking clean 😛 besta luck when it clutters up a whole lot; may the cluttering mean loads of success for u InshaAllah 🙂

  5. Jaded Avatar

    very nice! can’t wait to see what it looks like when the ‘evil marauder’ has finally settled in…

    You seem to be on the right track… ever noticed how in the movies, the evil guy always has a cooler looking pad/hideout… may it suit your ambitions well! 🙂

    And ahem! regarding your comment on my blog… *raised eyebrow and shaking head at the absolute far-outness of your conclusion*