Darkness falls

I spin in silence, between the winds and the shadows. The darkness creeps deeper, the shadows, fight stronger, each racing to survive. The winds, seemingly calm, stir up moments of time, lost so far behind. The only thing thats real amongst all this, is the self inflicted pain, possibly only to see if I were still alive.

There is a hole in my skin, the blood refused to flow, I dress myself in thorns, yet I feel not the slightest pinch. My thoughts are broken, ideas frozen, emotion silent. Someone else is there, beyond repair. What I have turned into. There, is now someone else, I am lost.

How I wished the night had never fallen. It fell, I fell, broken to infinite pieces. As I sit here, searching, stealing, hiding from it all, recollecting myself in whatever manner possible. There is very little that can be done.

There is the complete, and there is the part. I am the part, my whole is broken. My life is broken. Everything around me fades, into the darkness, into the black light that blinds me, casting shadows that shower the flames that have fought back from within me.






5 responses to “Darkness falls”

  1. ~*Untamed Desires*~ Avatar

    hey hey..khud bhi chill marni hei keh nai ๐Ÿ˜› deep deep thoughts hmmm sometimes, i wish life ws like getting a shot from the doc, all u gotta do is look the other way, a small pinch n its over.Life is never that easy and v just have to keep hope alive within us; somehow.A do-or-die situation!

  2. Jaded Avatar

    Profound and seriously deep stuff buddzz… life throws curve balls at you and when you intend to take over the world you deal with them even when they hit low… chin up, hope and all that jazz… darkness comes only to ensure you appreciate the light when it dawns..:)

    my virtual ears, i.e. my inbox is available for any shouldering should you need it ๐Ÿ™‚

    take care

  3. suga Avatar

    *Switches on light…Ye lu outta darkness and into light..Smile..ur life isnt broken…dont worry that can never happen..as there is a very strong glue that will stick ur life back together again if it does…and that glue is called “Friendship”…


  4. PsycheD Avatar

    :s …. u got this philosopher side in u too??

  5. Extiinct Avatar

    no no. It’s called Frandsheep.
    Hahaha. U know who to turn to X. The hoards of random orkut adders u get. They be deeeeeeeeeep. Lol