So here I am again. The rains have been quite a pain. Blessings they may be, but considering the damage it brings to a poorly infrastructured city, we are better of with lighter showers, provided they occur on a slightly more frequent basis.

The long long weekends really put me off. Considering my world domination plan, there are several things I need to do on certain time frames. If one time frame is missed, there is inevitably a domino effect.

Im currently at the new office, waiting for the ISP guys to come and configure the internet service here. Hoping all goes well soon, I plan to move into this new location with in the next 2/3 days at most. The view is good here, there happens to be a nursery right opposite my office, which makes things kinda pleasant. Now all thats needed is a set of window shades / blinds or something that functions to that effect, a power socket near my seat, a better chair and some rubber plugs to stop the glass on my table from moving. Oh yeah, no telephone sets here either.

The sky looked pretty ominous this yesterday, thankfully no hard rain, else a lot would have been washed out again.

It drizzled a while ago and I have external meetings…..lets hope things stay sane.






2 responses to “Back…”

  1. Jaded Avatar

    chchchchch… See how I throw a spanner in your works? this is what you get for trying to compete with I… (Evil Maniacal Laughter!)

    Seriously, the rains were bad yaar… hope there wasn’t any long term hitch personal wise… city wise dekh kar toh waise hi rona aata hai.. nothing but long term hitches that get longer everytime the sky sneezes

  2. suga Avatar

    Its rainin here..its raining all over the place!…
    Ur view sounds great….