A long long weekend…..

A long weekend started with a quickie….all saturday I was out of home getting on ething after the other done and then finally got home at about 11.30 or something. Good part is my home PC is now back to its functional self hence I shall now be able to load a lot more music into my lappie. That process was stalled ever since my monitor frizzed out on me about 2/3 weeks back and we held up because of the moist weather. It was happening to quite a lot of people, therefore sadness subdued, selfish me.

Nothingness prevailed on sunday, except a beautiful beautiful rain spell that left us all…..well…spellbound seems like the right word to me. Monday, Independence day. I really moving post by Jaded here. It left me mesmerized, so true to the core, so honest, so sadly, yet madly true.

I also, for the first time in quite a while, watched an indian movie (now that wont be completely true, i just watched about 30/40 mins of it). That, id like to dedicate a whole post to……but I also watched 2 movies almost back to back…after ages!

Im catching up….i like!







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  1. ~*~*Untamed Desires*~*~ Avatar

    ab tak u had stayed away from the movies, tou wat made u think that bollywood had finally gone mature :O? long weekend coming up for us on 1st sept *but no magical rainspells :S* Happy Independece day 🙂