Alright…so lets kick this off where we left off. I was thinking weather I should be taking the risk of venturing onto the road or not. I actually did go down, but very frankly, came back up after being scared. Ive seen that road well enough and have also used it to a great deal on for the greater part of a year during those timings. Something definitely felt wrong.

Started a chit chat with the restaurant manager and he served me tea, desi style, the way we like it, as against the standard menu tea they generally serve. Ah…good one that was.

Was getting updates on the traffic scenario on the other exit from my elder bro, who ventured into a road and told me things were moving. I told him to let me know as soon as he could find a decent passage through. The minute he hit Sharah e Faisal, he gave me a buzz, and let me in on his clear entrance. I followed his tail though and voila….an open road.

Sped down like mad and was home in 20 mins (once i hit the road that is).






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    in short, until the radio ppl start tracking traffic…tune into ur brothers trafiic updates 😉