Beauty Contest…..

NO!!!! Not the one you guys are thinking….this one is purely in I-Banking terms. Projects are paraded before prospective investors, and the greediest one who has an appetite takes a jump at it and a stake. Its not on open biddings, Its like every prospective investir gets his/her private show 😉

The interest, ofcourse, is followed up by term sheets and Investors try to offer the best terms for their participation. Heres where the game gets real dirty. You take X investor\’s termsheet, and use it to get better terms from Y. You end up doing multiple rounds to each one of them, and each time they improve terms!

The investors know this happens, but they cant help it either.

So apparently as it may seem from my un-moving party dude image that im having a beauty contest at the party den im famed to have, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!!!

The answer to our project lies in a beauty contest, so we concluded in our meeting on wednesday.

I guess a week or two to go.






8 responses to “Beauty Contest…..”

  1. ~*~*Untamed Desires*~*~ Avatar

    u have a party den?WHERE? 😛 lols @ the term ‘beauty contest’… spicing up office life, r v? 😉

  2. Jaded Avatar

    sure does sound like a beauty contest with its own classically themed formal, costume and swimsuit rounds… I can imagine the investors held in thrall and drooling at the mouth at those sheets and stuff much like the testosterone powered viewers of the various beauty contests around the world (no offence)… lollzz…

    Guys have all the fun mara…

  3. Inspirex... Avatar

    @Untamed: keep guessing about my party den 😉

    spicing up..not exactly! thats what this kind of activity is called the world over!

    @Jaded: There are at times women in the audience too….btw..whats ur context of fun?
    offence: none taken yaara!

  4. No One Avatar
    No One

    Heyy…what kinda job do you have…if you don’t mind me asking…? anyways any plans for the weekend? see ya.

  5. Xill-e-Ilahi Avatar

    you still have it better than auditors. we would be verifying whether or not the said beauty contest actually took place and if yes, how muchdid it cost and whether or not it was for the purposes of the business….

  6. Inspirex... Avatar

    @no one: Im setting up a business venture for a group of people…

    @xill: this contest can never come under audit. Its the process of raising capital, not any utilization of capital or business process.

  7. suga Avatar

    Am i invited to this beauty contest…jus to be a mere observer…

  8. PsycheD Avatar

    🙂 whatever kind of a beauty contest it is…men are always the oglers!