Updates for a week….

Finally, some time to blog!!!

It has been a massively busy week, which ends with a day of slight sadness, considering summer fun will no longer be a part of my mornings. Don\’t get me wrong, the weather has\’nt improved, just that summer mornings won\’t be the same again.

Taking over the world is in progress, but there had been hiccups considering my throat had been acting up from last weeks mad Sunday. Which reminds me that is yet to be blogged. Sunday morning started off with the usual breakfast ritual and family awaragardi plan. we started off at seaview and ended up enjoying the crazy crashing arabian sea at Sandspit. Pix here. Best part was when I sat on a nice looking sea facing rock (which seemed dry by the looks of it) and was doused with a an instant shower. Just as I started to make sense of what had just happened to me, another sudden shower, this time harder and much more water. So much for lightning doest strike the same place twice.

Anyhow, the real culprit behind the bad throat was the atrociously tasty paan which I decided to sinfully indulge in after a late lunch at almost 4 pm. I generally always avoid pans since my tonsilitis (I am not a doctor, dont expect me to know how to spell this) drama because what starts off as a good experience ends off as a bad week. This occasion was one of them.

Most of the week was spent patching up information on the take over plans and dissuading people from believing that I was a hard-core party animal. It turns out that during the past week, over three different people on separate occasions hinted at my \”party crazy\” habits. I have no idea what gave them the impression on that front, but rest assured that this was not the first time. The weirdest was one occasion when a gentleman from my old office (who moved to Karachi from up north) asked me if I could arrange for a passes to one of the city\’s popular parties. The greater part of the deal was, he needed an escort too!

I AM NOT A PIMP! (well, atleast not the last time i checked; which by the way was 2 seconds ago).

For those who yet do not know and still do not understand the crux of this discourse and are about to as \”zulekha mard thee ya aurat?\”, I am not a party animal.

Back to the week. Busy nonetheless, but what do you do when at the end of a perfectly smooth week, someone takes you for a low life schmuk that has no respect for others\’ privacy or fears. To top it all off, you refer to that person as a friend and vice versa. Deeply affected I am, but I\’m glad that this issue has now been settled over a cake away from my city.

I prefer chocolate…only chocolate. Hob Nob shall do just fine.

And ooh….3 more random adders this week…..damn!

Groove: Fade to black – Apocalyptica






4 responses to “Updates for a week….”

  1. Jaded Avatar

    Awww! Poor you!Wishing you a speedy recovery and an effective return to the arena…

    In the meantime, i shall press my advantege towards world domination seeing since competition is a little short changed.. :p

    And random adders on orkut are such a royal pain! I so sympathize.. if u have any genius plans of dealing with them, do share it with me!

  2. suga Avatar

    Congrats on ur random adders…

    Hhhhhhmm hob Nobs..my fav with cup of tea!!

  3. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    oye suga honey…HobNob is an eatery here :p not the McVities variety ! i also dig those biscoot….sp the ones doused in choco! yuummmm!
    shux! now look what uv done gona get meeself a pack today on the way home *droool*

    errr..X..u were talking about CK’s hobnob na?!

  4. Inspirex... Avatar

    @ jaded: not so fast gurl…..im back…and i shall beat u by a million miles….:D
    random adders? i think ill have to write a book…an idiots guide to dealing with orkut random adders as soon as i figure out a solution!

    @ suga: what hob nobs u talkin about sweets?

    @ para: yes yes, me talking about CK wala hobnob 😀