Weedy Isloo…

After a massively back to back meeting packed Monday, I had to shuttle off to Islamabad on Tuesday. The trip started off with waking up at 4.30 in the night and was an overall fun experience. The fun started at the airport when I was in the check in queue. A nice, seemingly happy aunty was occupying the check in counter while her kids (easily both over 17) were getting the basg strapped. They started off with the wrong strapping and then the aunty started screaming \”come soon, come soon\”. COME SOON???? Please, don\’t abuse a language if you don\’t know it. Small issues continued. On the way out of the aircraft in Islamabad, the kids were fighting \”I\’ll catch this bag, you catch that one\”….??

If they were all catching, who was throwing the bag?

It drizzled when I landed there, and Islamabad was its usual self. Laid back, ego loaded. There is never anything special about Isloo, unless you are there in winter. Otherwse, its hot; and if it isnt hot, it certainly gets humid which feels worse considering the lack of a breeze.

I had a couple of meetings, one guy did\’nt know what he was expecting from our meeting, the other was too easy giving, almost too easy to be true I figured.

The best part about being in Isloo was the hangout with a great friend S. Its been ages since we met and I just cant imagine the way she was all out there offering her hospitality. At a couple of occasions I felt guily for bothering her work routine. A decent bit of one-on-one, something that had been out for ages. Evening was good too, S\’s sis was pulled in and she learnt a lot, I must say :P.

Im in the aircraft at the moment as I type this, and even though I know I wont post this before Wednesday morning, I guess it was best to just make use of the time at hand. Thankfully there were no scenes of desparate separation at the airport at the airport this time round as there was were in Lahore. Its raining again here. What really does not make any sense is to why the aircraft staff are distributing newspapers to read to the passesngers. Its almost 11 pm for God\’s sake! Its history now! Whats worse, the guy to across my aisle decided to take off his shoes and socks.

So after waking up 4.30 in the morning, I arrived home at almost 2 in the night. Extensive delays caused by a mad lightning storm that delayed take off to a great extent!

Oh, and I bought books.

Oh, and did you guys know that there are small marajuana plants almost all over Islamabad?






5 responses to “Weedy Isloo…”

  1. Jaded Avatar

    Islamabad is always special sir jee..

    You just need to look a little below the calm surface to see the truth… Besides ask an Isloo-ite how much it has changed even in the past 5 years… Imagine having traffic after 10 pm (Shudder)

    And I’m glad you agreed with my Book assessment

  2. suga Avatar

    im tired barely see straight….

    storms r great………

  3. bassaam Avatar

    It is grass, marijuana is grass not a plant. Hence, it is even referred to as grass/weed .

    And yes, all the jungli grass growing in isloo is marijuana, you could burn it and get high!

  4. Jamash Avatar

    I don’t know if it’s marijuana or not but yeah n I saw the “bhung” there 🙂 .. I didn’t try it though 🙁 .

    * Green words saying “ewqlrq”* is that useful ? 😛 😀

  5. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    lets go torching around isloo….that shud wake up the city and bring about some masti! 😛