There comes a moment, or a day in everyones life which instinctively strikes you as the moment which changed the path of the future. Today was one such day. May 19 was when it all started. I felt like a small unit, part of a larger machine, sliding off gently and smoothly and moving into my own orbit. Though even before this I was teadily on course, but today the target seems to have locked on.

Now there is just a lot of course plotting and directional correction to do. Ideas to develop, revolutions to introduce and create a venture that will shape so much for so many people.

I am happy, conent, busy and just getting started. InshaAllah.

PS. I shall share more details about my global domination plans as soon as it becomes possible to make a statement. Until then, I need your prayers and wishes.






4 responses to “Changing…”

  1. mAn[S]o0r Avatar

    best of luck inspirex. I just know you’ll succeed cuz u started on a good date 😀 May 19th is my birthday (H). LoL!

  2. Jaded Avatar

    aw man! more competition for world domination??? 😀

  3. Checkmate Avatar

    World Domination. Am I dyng or something? Who sai you could take my place 🙂 Best of LUCK buddy. In all your plans.

  4. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    then we can complete with our ‘power trips’ then? 😛

    err..abbey! mansoor! belated happy burrdhhday! 🙂