Cloudy Mondays

I like cloudy mornings, not always, but almost always. I love rain and I\’m mad about thunder storms. I love the way streaks of mild lilac tear through the skies in a million veins followed by a divine rumble. Rain, how beautiful is the rain. It didn\’t rain today. Sad.

I should call if I want to talk. What should I say? What would I say? I want to say what you cannot hear, understand or feel. You wish not to hear what I say, for you fear the the integrity of your mind, heart and soul. You know I can tear you world apart, your heaven tumultuous, your fires pacified.

Was in meetings from two to six today, straight shot. More tomorrow. Days will be hectic now. The swords are ready.






6 responses to “Cloudy Mondays”

  1. Jaded Avatar

    I so agree with you on the rains.. Actual rehmat!

    We’re getting rains in Isloo alternate nights but not much fun when the sun comes out just as one leaves for work…:) But here’s praying things improve overall weatherwise

  2. Marium Avatar

    thanx 🙂
    it needs a whole lotta tweaking mainly coz i hav no idea abt html and yet i managed the skin wih a lil manipulation

  3. suga Avatar

    I want rain desperately!…its tooooooooo hot..cant…help…

  4. suga Avatar

    I want rain desperately!…its tooooooooo hot..cant…help…

  5. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    sighh…..cloudy days…..i literally had to dig into boxes of my old cds and cassetes to record a compilation just to listen in the car…listen to the rhythm of the falling rain – raindrops falling on my head…its a wonderful world…sighhhh

    here we have cloudy, overcast skies in patches – and drizzles by turn from one area to the other. when i left home that day, it was the time i reached my work area, it was full sunshine. but ohhh! the humidity!! makes u gag!

    suga….when it rains there u kick up a storm of complaints! 😛 what do u want exactly gurl?

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