Now the muggy hot weather is getting real real bad. I dont know if any of the karachi based readers have noticed, but it did drizzle ever so slightly this morning. It rained in Lahore yesterday and just while i was expecting some here, it drizzled, and then frizzled. BAD!!

I had a meeting midday today, and the best part is about brokering a deal between two companies. Of course brokering does not mean I made money, but just knowing that these people are eeting through your connections is enough. There will hopefully a lot more of that going on now. To be technically correct, i arranged a meeting and broke the ice. From there on, they can take it as they please.

Back to my morning. Yes, had a great one. Drizzle, followed by some great music amongst my channel flipping spree.

Its way past a standard lunch time, almost half past 4 and im at Time Out, having lunch, typing this and making notes of whatever else races my mind. Not mention the crappy music in the background isnt really helping me think at all!!!

Yaaay….im back to my office….only to leave again in a while.

I decided to resume phtography today, but I think I\’ll wait till the weather smoothens out.






6 responses to “AAArrrrrrggghhhh!!!!!”

  1. PsycheD Avatar

    first u were blogging at work – then at that restaurant during lunch – then back to work….u dint blog while driving?? ๐Ÿ˜›

    yeah lets see soem of em pix!

  2. PsycheD Avatar

    err…y dont u just reply to the comments here?? instead of e-mailing? i know its some programmed hi-tech stuff…but do as the others naa!

  3. Inspirex... Avatar

    yeah yeah…now im here….happy???

    i once blogged while waiting at an airport terminal though….but never while drivin…sms i can do while drivin though…

  4. mAn[S]o0r Avatar

    psyched: thanks for making inspirex reply here! makes the conversation much more easier to follow.. !

    inspirex: sms while driving is FUN ๐Ÿ˜€ only.. just dont get hit! lol!

  5. Checkmate Avatar

    I did not see any drizzle :-(. Why can’t we have good rain. It is hot as hell and the electricity breakdowns are a killer.

    And please don;t start taking pics while driving. It is just not safe.

    Just lost a colleague a few months back in a horrible traffic accident. So please be careful. Take care.

  6. Inspirex... Avatar

    @ mansoor: bad boy….
    u shouldnt be reading other ppls conversations…:P

    @ checkmate: im so sorry to hear about the loss. Rest assured, ill be careful.