Yesterday, I was at office till almost 10 pm, then headed of to the Valima, which wasnt all that fun (trust me to say that about any shaadi-related event). Got home at almost 12.30, and slept at about 1.

Today was the day of searing heat, mindblowing laziness, ass kicking headache and nothingness.

I woke up at 12.30 (or was it 1.30) with a slicing backache (yes, i get that when i sleep anything beyond 7 hours).

I picked up Deception Point and am already almost 75% through in a day. The rest of the day was spent cursing the heat and the random orkut adders. Well, mostly cursing the random adders and as Checkmate pointed out, actually considering the fact that there could actually have been a conspiracy to screw with my head.

I guess that might have actually added to the headache. Hmm…Checkmate, thou be guilty now.

Anyway…now chillin to the music, feelin a lot better. Will sleep in a while…

Groove to the mood: Only this moment, Royksopp.






2 responses to “Mad…”

  1. suga Avatar

    i hate heat…p’s me offf..i prefer the cold where u can at least warm up to the temp u want…

    u was @ office till 10??? uff hoo 8 hrs of it does my head in! i guess u love ur desk…

  2. Checkmate Avatar

    AWWW, headache, poor thing. I’ll bring you asprirn when we meet. So did you put up your pic on orkut yet.