Summer Morning…

This morning started blazing hot. Im happy though that after yesterdays car fiasco, I managed to get the car in the evening. After a starter motor servicing on saturday, apprently the electrician looped a cable set underneath it rather than over it. Which resulted in the cables being caught up in the axles, wound up into the axles and breaking off. Also, my cars transmissoin oil leaked out, which I assumed was engine oil when i stopped the car to take a look at the Baloch Colony bridge. When I got to office, the car didnt re-start after the switch off. Hence the frantic mechanic call and weird condition till the mechanic came over and told me that it was\’nt the engine and that it will be fixed by evening. He towed the car off to his workshop…and it was done by evening. Good ho gaya….:D

Also, how often do u come across a person named Ishag in your lives? i met one yesterday. Nothing else to say on this.

Back to the blazing heat. Yes, its very very hot! I thought Id jet off to Costa this morning for hot choc (dont get me wrong, im an espresso freak, but there si no wireless free internet there, plus there is no point going there if one is alone).

Sigh…how I miss my DD mornings with A. Must give A a call today and remind A of the sins. I ended up leaving late, with no breakfast, the plan didnt materialize so it didnt work out and here I am at office enjoying summer in my chilled room.

Im hungry…






15 responses to “Summer Morning…”

  1. Extiinct Avatar

    Summer Mornings are indeed a lot of phunnnn!!!


    Lol@ Ishag. Is that really how it’s pronounced? Man that guy must blush every time his name was called. Lol. I’m surprised he didn’t change it.

    DD mornings! Kia yaad dilaya hai yaar! I miss my college days all over again.

  2. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    Ishag with a G??? or was that a typo??

    My darzi’s name is Ishaq – and he’s an angel!we need more darzis like him!

    DD? *thinks hard* – sounds interesting if ur missing it so much!
    today, it’s also searing hot where im at.

    aahhh…shukar hai im not the only ‘freak’ who thinks sitting alone in a restaurant/cafe is ‘abnormal’ 🙂 these places are made to go there with someone – nai?? a very dear friend thinks i’m whack with this thought! she sez she;s as normal as anybody – and she loves to go to such places alone to enjoy a mug of herbal tea with her thoughts and book for company. i’d rather eat alone in the car and drive around! (for sitting alone in the car having a meal is also freaky to me 😛

  3. Inspirex... Avatar

    Hi Paranoid..
    well, now u know u arent the only one!
    and no..its a G!
    blazin hot gurl..blazin hot…
    DD was just a morning chit chat with friends…..
    nothing else special about it…

  4. Checkmate Avatar

    Inspirex, which costa do you go to. If you ever come to d-mart one let me know maybe I will join you 🙂

  5. suga Avatar

    my mornings always suck…
    Good thing u got ur car fixed 🙂

  6. Inspirex... Avatar

    mornings are a morning monster myself……
    and they’re even better when summers around! 🙂

  7. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    whatever hot! it’s damn hot! 😛 i cud literally feel sweat trickling and dripping down my back when i was giving instructions to ishaq my darzi 😛 hopefully soon he will be installing a split is his dokan – and he asked me which one to go for! 🙂

    DD..hmm kewl.

  8. Inspirex... Avatar

    @ para:
    where you at? Its really really hot. Whats more, there is no power right now and they are trying to start this new generator they installed. I want power!

  9. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    hmm..dont tell me u havent figured out the anony ID 😛

    i use this when im blogging from work hehe..incase i forget to clear my tracks b4 i leave home – dont want the nosy parkers at work landing on my blog even by accident!

    btw, me in laa-whore 😛

  10. Inspirex... Avatar

    @para: NOW i think ive figured it out from your la-whore romance!
    I generally go to costa zamzama. But to be found by strangers is the last thing i could fancy. Reminds me of orkut! Some one i know or at least have an open communication channel with makes sense. I assume youd agree.

  11. PsycheD Avatar

    🙂 i suspected u to be ishmart 😛

    ok – zamzama – got it! and if u happen to go to chatterbox – and find a group of gaggling females sipping herbal tea…oh nevermind! 🙂

    oh yes i agree with that……hey ! ur on line !!

  12. PsycheD Avatar

    how i know….coz i got a notification popping up about the comment you just left in my blog…

  13. Inspirex... Avatar

    dont all females giggle??????

    i tried breakfast at chatterbox…but didnt like it…
    not goin there again…i like breakfast at espresso…costa i go only for any data intensive stuff i need to do over th einternet…else its espresso..

  14. Afreen Avatar

    Naaah! All femaled don’t giggle. 😛 But most of us just do.

    And DD. Oh yeah, the good old days for sure!

  15. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    correction…i wrote gaggle – as in the gAggling of geese 😛 well not exactly – in this case, its a metaphor for when a crowd of very noisy girls talk all the same time nine to the dozen! hehehe….it’s a female thing 😉

    about the giggling – well…MOST girls do (playign it safe there by avoiding ‘all’) 😛

    same applies when it comes to gAggling – bitching – gossiping….oops! undo letting u in on so much data ! hehe