And again!

Ok, this is the first time I\’d doing this. 2 blog posts in a single day. I finally made it to Costa. Now I\’m here, updating some stuff on my pc thanks to the better and more reliable internet speed and while happens, working on some stuff.

All this confidentiality thing at times keeps me on my edges. At times, I feel my social circle feels betrayed, at the fact that I\’m not telling them what I\’m doing. All this hiding business makes me sometimes feel as if I\’m engaged in something taboo. Strange…haina?

Well, the kids on the table next to me are irritatingly shrill but ill forgive them for now. This isn\’t my office, for if it was, they would be here.

Back to work…back to work…






13 responses to “And again!”

  1. suga Avatar

    u shoulda started talkin really loudly to urself..that woulda got rid of those kids real quick…not that i go around doin this….

    work work work….

  2. Inspirex... Avatar

    @ suga…
    yes, i could have done that, at the risk of looking like a screwloose though….

  3. suga Avatar

    hahaha…aur kya!

  4. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    ‘the look’ / glare always works for me….hell…at times instead of scaring them away, they get fascinated by my ‘foreign looks’

    hmmm….so what are u engaged in thats keeping u on the edge?

    which costa branch do u go to btw? i’ll inform my friends who are costa regulars to keep a look out for a dude working on his lappy 🙂

  5. Inspirex... Avatar

    @para: i could look at them, and they could laugh at me. This could ultimately ruin my day. Im not foreign looking.
    No! Not to be found by strangers!

  6. PsycheD Avatar

    “No! Not to be found by strangers!”—-> hmm…all the more reason to look for u now! *evil grin* 🙂

  7. Inspirex... Avatar

    psyched: dont u even DARE try a trace on me!!!

  8. PsycheD Avatar

    *evil-er grin* 😛

    “psyched: dont u even DARE try a trace on me!!!: —-> warna????

  9. PsycheD Avatar

    so r we like continuing the noodling on my blog?? :S

  10. PsycheD Avatar

    of course i do ! who doesnt….but then again, only with known ppl 😛

  11. PsycheD Avatar

    actually i was taking time coz i was cheking the address in ur comments. it’s gmail. ab ??

  12. PsycheD Avatar

    so noodling it is then?

  13. Inspirex... Avatar

    thrrow me any of IM addresses…and just tell me the platform…ill take care of the rest….
    my email address is with the comments i believe?