Update to nothingness…and bad ads!

These days, life thankfully seems to be going smooth (aside from the daily lunch dilemma). But generally, its nice, cool and fun. The responsibilities and the pressures seem worth it. The pressure is self inflicted and majorly borders on self discipline. It only takes one more closer to the actual goal.

On the world cup, my blog will say nothing. Everyone else has said it, I need not say anything.

There is not much to be said actually right now, or these days in general. There are no major changes since the last blog post.

Im sitting in my balcony right now, typing away this post which will be uploaded automatically in the morning. The best part about this place is that I finally have time to talk to my family members. Ive felt that ive neglected my mum for the longest time now. No more of this. Viva la Liberation! I come home early now, spend time with mum & the brothers. Its gratifying.

Very soon, I hope to restart my reading habits and start watching movies too. Havent had a chance to do those in over 6 months now.

The big bad ad man in me has reawaken. Telenor, after the whole long \”Expect more\” drama has no rebranded to \”The smart call\”, and has a totally different logo and all. First the launch, then they do D Juice which was a joke of a launch, then they rebrand. Whats gotten into these people? And if you have ever heard their opera style urdu ad on radio, you\’d throw up. When will people learn that the market dynamics in a country like Pakistan are somewhat different compared to global trends!!

The Mobilink Jazz Load ad starts off with an \”oh adnan..\” and goes into utter madness. Plus when will these hundredsofmillionsofrupeespercampaign spending people realize that you cant run a TV ad on radio. It kills the impact by over 70%! Spend just \”A FEW THOUSAND\” on radio edit and get something with the money! Visual dissociation does NOT work!

There are more bad ads that I might want to rave about, but ill sip on my chai for now.

The metblog team has now expanded, we now have a full army of 20 writers thats charging away at (almost) full throttle.

By the way, I bump into this really old acquaintence at work over G-talk now, so yes, we are getting back in touch.

I forgot to add one thing though. I never realized summer could be this FUN!







5 responses to “Update to nothingness…and bad ads!”

  1. Checkmate Avatar

    Inspirex, I am sure your mom and brother are happy seeing more of you. I have also made a consious effort and commitment to start reading again. I used to be a one book a day person but haven’t read much in the past year. I really hate it. I am turning into a person that I don’t think I am. Need to get back to reading. I have started of with Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi’s “Khakum Badehan”. I don’t know if you are into Urdu literature but it is a good and hilarious book. Do recommend good books.

    P.S. The D juice campaign reaaly did go down with a Phssssssssssssst rather than a bang.

  2. mAn[S]o0r Avatar

    you have an ad man within you too! man! its really a small world! lOl! i was wondering about telenor today too… while coming baq home, i saw their billboard at metropole and got into thinking that maybe they’ve got a new package deal or something… mobilink ad! i’ve got only one thing to say… TOO much shoulder action! LoL!! those girls should be locked up and the key thrown away for the number of nightmares they must’ve given people here! absoultely HIDEOUS!

    n yea.. i wonder why they dont understand the different b/w radio n tv ads! its so damn frustrating!!! sunsilk campaign has been one of the first (after rexona) to realize different media require different ads and they did it well!

  3. PsycheD Avatar

    hmm…am assuming ur/were attached to an agency….that explains the work load and no time for family…deadlines can tie u down like that.

    so here;s another ad enthusiast…just my kind…and thank God! i’m not the only one who thought the D Juice ad was ‘duhhh’ material. i had to shut it since ppl thought i was being biased (dad is attched with a competitor). so what are the telenor ppl upto?what’s with the ‘fans/propellor’ campaigns now? of all the telecom ads – ufone rox – no, dad is not with them, nor do any of my household use ufone 🙂 but i personally like the ad for it being vivacious and colourful.

    as i mentioned on mansoor’s blog sometime back…the mobilink reload ad is another duhhh 😛 i cudnt get it the first time – till today!

    as for the radio ads….thank God for my cd changer in the car! i cannot stand radio ads – they are so cheesy!

    i guess i better shut it here for now…

  4. suga Avatar

    Oh man..u guys need to come on down to UK and check out sum punjabi adverts on the radio stations here! ..i gaurantee u will rip ur ears off with the agony of it…

  5. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    thankfully theyhave banished the ‘ting-tong’ doorbell that comes before and after every ad on the radio!