Ok, so my blog is titled Random Silence….so what?

Does that in anyway solicit or announce the fact that I am looking for randomness??

For the past one week, I have been hounded by random people adding me on orkut. It so ticks me off!!!

I only add people I know, like I did yeterday..

If Ive met you, or most probably even spoken to you casually over the phone and we enjoy a decent chit chat, ill add you, but not if you dont know me at all and I dont knwo you at all either!!!

This one person whose invite i recieved just this morning is the same person whose invite i ignored and allowed to expire last week and here it comes again!







6 responses to “Randomness….”

  1. Checkmate Avatar

    I know what you are talking about. It’s like people don’t get it that they don’t want to contact you. The invites just keep coming in.

  2. Extiinct Avatar

    Hahahaha, It sure is funny hearing a guy complain about it!

    I’ve learned to take the random adders in a stride. It’s a matter of simply hitting no regardless of how many times they send a request.

  3. suga Avatar

    Lol…I hate it when random ppl add me to their msn and then accuse me of addin them and demand to kno why i had!

    I like ur writing style 🙂

  4. suga Avatar

    i have book marked ya..hope u dont mind 🙂

  5. Inspirex... Avatar

    extinct: yaar i need my space too!!
    suga: thanks a million once again…
    and bookmarking is like random adding..:P

  6. PsycheD Avatar

    i’m assuming from the posts i have read that you are a guy……..hence am surprised that a guy is complaining of add requests on orkut!

    i dont even wanna start on this one! i’ve ranted like hell on the orkut topic on my blog…feel free to entertain urself!